Kindergarten 20-21

Kindergarten 20-21

July Activities

July Activities

In the month of July Pre-Primary conducted various activities related to academics and Indoor games. All the activities were fun…
June Activities

June Activities

Children enjoying virtual classes with the following activities Activity 1: Children enjoyed making a photo frame using colourful papers, leaves…


Master Chef Competition

Master Chef Competition

Cooking is an art and a skill. These days it is a life skill. To live an independent life in…


The new psychology of learning incorporates the idea of making learning a fun – filled activity. A typical day at DSE for Pre Primary students would incorporate the following elements:-

Welcome Time…. Arriving for school on time is extremely important for children even at this young age! Being on time allows the children to have a pleasant transition from home to school environment, easing them in gently.

Assembly Time… Each beautiful day unfolds with the morning assembly with other students of the school. Besides praying, it inculcates a sense of punctuality and discipline

Circle Time… Circle Time is where exciting group work takes place, discussing the calendar in English, to begin with. It’s followed by discussions, fun learning activities about the chosen letter and then progresses onto phonetics, rhymes and stories. Alpha Buddies is the time when children read or write about the concept under study. Stories, group discussions, group activities and demonstrations are some techniques used by the facilitator to stimulate the children. The facilitator works with individual children or in small groups. Most of the concepts in the Nursery are dealt with orally while in PPI and PPII, eye –hand coordination is developed through written work, colouring and craft work.

Theme Time… To increase awareness of the physical and social surroundings, a theme room is set up where students are enabled to discovered and learn more. Discussions, art work, poems and stories, worksheets related to the theme are done as follow up.

Munch Time…. Recess allows the children the opportunity to develop social and conversational skills by interacting with each other, sharing physical space and also a healthy snack.

Carpet Time… To make the students aware of the happenings in and around the world they live in, teachers spend time to discuss important issues that make headlines in a very simplistic way and encourage students to express their views. Students also indulge in reading story books.

Play Time… Children play outside during this hour. It is an ideal outlet for all the extra energy they have. Games help them to develop balance, posture, locomotion and strength. Play time also encourages imaginative role-play and allows interaction with their peers while developing their gross motor skills.

Number Time… Contrary to the belief, there isn’t a math gene that makes some kids more successful in the subject. Kids who are more successful in this area are those who practice the skills more often .Activities related to recognition, grouping, measurement and other pre math concepts help develop concentration , counting skill and involves fine motor development.

Happy Meal… Not only it is a time to sit and enjoy a balanced and nutritious meal but also to dine with peers and learn table manners and etiquette.

Happy Time … Exploration discovers latent talent. Activities such as singing, dancing, drawing and clay moulding create a sense of well being among children. Exercise your vocal chords; tap your feet or paint the world around- it’s all fun! We believe in ‘Catching them young’.

Bhasha Mala… A second language is introduced at the PPI level and most of the activities are verbal. Stories and rhymes are an integral part of it. PPII students start with learning to write alphabets.

Tale Time/Movie Time… This is the time for delightful learning and various activities are scheduled on different days to have a wide spectrum of experiences and thereby enhance motor and thinking skills.

Reflection Time… Just before they pack their bags and say goodbye a quick reflection on what they have done during the day is done.

Sweet Good Byes…

Shapes Galore

“Shapes shapes every where, Circle, Triangle, Oval and Square.”

Understanding shapes enables the students to be more attuned to the world. It promotes lots of STEAM learning opportunities for kids. Various shaped activities were displayed and demonstrated by the tiny tots of pre-primary wing. Few students presented shapes through dance and games. Young Master Chefs prepared yummy sandwiches in different shapes.

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‘Splash, splash everywhere, puddles of water here and there.’

Water play is an inevitable part of pre-school curriculum as it helps in gross motor development, eye hand co-ordination and also helps in vocabulary development.

The little ones of Pre Primary welcomed the showers of rain with their first pool activity. Bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm, in their colorful swim suits the children thoroughly enjoyed the splash pool activity, jumping in the water, splashing water at their friends and playing with floating toys. They were looking attractive in colourful dress and flower garlands.

The poolside was abundantly decorated with balloons, balls and buntings and the children were handed water balloons to play with too. Tables were arranged with colourful umbrellas to add ambiance to the party. The tiny tots had great fun playing in the water, there were some who were a little scared to step in. Observant teachers clasped their little hands and led them in to wade. It was not long before the wary faces filled with frolic! The Hawaiian theme decor enhanced the atmosphere of the party.
Kids were looking cute and pretty in a Hawaii dresses. They danced and enjoyed the sand pit created near the poolside. Refreshing drinks to sip in the cool pool and music to make the mood, were relished by all. At the end of the session, the kids were still beaming and in no hurry to beat a retreat!

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Crazy Crafts – Take Home Activity

Craft gives expression to our aesthetic abilities. Today, it is important for students to be imaginative and creative. To explore their artistic skills, DSE offers a number of art and craft activities as per their level.

HRT teachers hugged the kids and gave them take home activity by wishing “Happy Holidays”.

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Best out of Waste
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Star Jump Passing the Brick Passing the Ball
Hurdle Race Hoola Hoop Race Fun Time
Chain Frog Jump Balloon Race Ball Balancing
Wonders of India

India has been a land of grand architectural marvels. The past thousand plus years have given India a rich reservoir of architectural designs. India’s past is a mosaic which blends design concepts from all over the world. As a result, India’s celebrated buildings and monuments have become the cynosure of the world’s eyes.

The preprimary event “Wonders of India” was held on 11th January, 2020 to showcase these architectural monuments of our country and to send the message to preserve them. The tiny tots of Nursery, began the event with the posy parade as the bright Sunflowers and beautiful Roses in their vibrant hued costumes in perfect coordination. Then was the turn of the PP1 children who began the program by posing questions about famous monuments like Taj Mahal, Golden Temple and Charminar and then went on to describe each monument’s origin, culture, food and unique architecture along with mesmerizing dance performances against the backdrop of Power Point presentations. The compeering by PP1 children was appreciated by one and all.  The model replicas of the Taj Mahal, Charminar and Golden Temple were a sight to behold. The parents expressed great satisfaction after watching their wards performances.

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“Dancing is the most beautiful art as it is not a mere translation or abstraction from life, it is life itself.”

With an aim of honing the dancing skills of the students, a  solo dance competition was conducted @ DSE Preprimary, Attapur. The stage came alive when the students staged their spectacular dance performances in the competition. 
The attractive costumes, fluid dance movements and beautiful props made it tough for the judges Mr.Shrihari and Mr.Praveen to decide the winner.The overall program was excellent…congratulations to all the participants who performed enthusiastically…
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Inter House: Fancy Dress Competition was conducted for Grades PPI & PPII

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“Just as there are primary colours, from which all of the other colors come forth and when they are combined, there are little Deesians vibratory qualities which can create a beautiful painting.”….

Colours play an important role in life as they symbolise different things like red colour signifies love, yellow happiness and blue strength and calmness.

‘Primary Colours Day’ @ DSE set a milestone by conducting various beautifully organised educational activities like Identification of primary and secondary colours, Magic with colours,Twist on Colours (experiments ) and so on. These activities were witnessed by the dignitaries of the school.

Students performed these experiments and also confidently took part in one to one interaction with the dignitaries. The concept of colours was well explained with the help of these fun filled activities.

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Independence Day Celebrations

Freedom in the mind, 
Faith in the words,
Pride in the souls,
Let’s salute our nation…

Tiny tots of preprimary celebrated Independence day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Students of PP I dressed as freedom fighters to show their gratitude towards the sacrifices they made in attaining the freedom. Students of PP II stole the show by performing dances and by their speeches. Apart from this, the importance of Rakshabandhan festival was conveyed by the teachers. Children celebrated the festival by tying rakhis. Prizes for the winners of Clay Molding, Colouring, Origami competitions and Meridian – Impulse (Inter School competition) were distributed by the principal Mr. Augustine Thomas.

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Green Colour Day
The Pre-Primary wing celebrated Green Colour Day on 3rd July, 2019. The little ones came dressed in green. Some of the activities in that wing were Palm printing, Leaf printing, Paper tearing and pasting etc. Green lunch was also brought by everyone.

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Pre Primary Cool Party
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Eid Celebtations
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Parent Teacher Meeting
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First Day in School

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