Integrity - X A

Integrity - X A

When we use our values to make decisions, we make a deliberate choice to focus on what is important to us. When values are shared, they build internal cohesion in a group.

The students of Grade X A presented an assembly on the value of ‘Integrity.’ Values in life have taken a back seat in today’s world. There is a dire need to inculcate it in order to save humanity from being annihilated. The students presented the four limbs of integrity – honesty, trust, just, impartiality and loyalty in the form of different situations. They drove home the point that the single most important quality that you can ever develop is the quality of integrity. It is the key to a successful and happy life. Integrity is the core quality of the superior human being and your commitment to becoming a totally honest person will do more to assure your happiness than anything else you can ever do.

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