Mobile Mania-II C

Mobile Mania-II C

Grade II C presented their class assembly on the topic, ‘The Harmful effects of using Mobiles.’ Students demonstrated life before the invention of mobiles and after. 

Before the mobile phone was invented, children used to spend time in various physical activities like outdoor and indoor games, walking, etc. People visited each other and relations were strengthened. But nowadays, both children and adults are glued to the mobile phones. Mobile has become the only means of communication. Parents are not paying heed to children’s education and are dependent on mobile applications.

They tried to send the message that it’s an alarming situation which needs immediate attention of the society. Mobile addiction causes many health hazards some of which cannot be reversed. Mobiles are a boon to the society only when its use is limited. Children portrayed the sensitivity of this issue very well. It was an eye opener in many ways.

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