Proud to be an Indian-II A

Proud to be an Indian-II A

Grade II A conducted their class assembly on the topic ‘Proud to be an Indian’.

The theme was very well executed in patriotic fervour by the students. People from various fields who have made India proud in recent times were showcased.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his achievements were presented and elaborated upon by the students. In sports, Mary Kom and the Phogat sisters Babita and Geeta who have received international acclaim with their winning spree were depicted. Similarly women power was projected through Tessy Thomas, the ‘Missile  Woman’  or the first woman scientist to head the missile project in India and  Ruben Thomas, who became the CEO at a tender age of 8 years were honoured by showcasing their achievements. The brave Indian soldier Abhinandan Varthaman was acknowledged for his daring act. It was a great show put up by the students of grade II A under the able guidance of their teacher Ms. Swapna. The highlights were the props used such as rocket, fighter plane which made the show a superlative one.

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