Trishakti - Grade 1 Event

Trishakti - Grade 1 Event

Grade 1 hosted a grand event titled– Trishakti- India’s Pride on 21st August, 2019. It showcased the unity of our Defence forces – Army, Navy and Airforce.

The students demonstrated how the three wings of the armed forces work in unison to combat the enemy during war.

The show began with the situation of a fancy dress competition in school and how three friends aspire to be the brave soldiers of the country.

The program progressed in a sequence of connected events culminating in the three friends achieving their goal and celebrating India’s victory. The war scenes and the patriotic fervor was very well executed and created an emotional ambience. 

The students dressed in army, navy and air force uniforms looked an embodiment of courage and patriotism. The parents in the audience were spell bound with their children’s performance and had moist eyes.

The aim of instilling the values of patriotism, discipline, dedication and love to one’s motherland in the tender minds of the students through this program was achieved.

All in all, the program provided a great sight to the beholders and an invaluable treasure to preserve.

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