Children's Rights

Children's Rights

Grade 2 had their Hindi assembly on 23rd December. The theme was ‘Children’s Rights’ as per the Indian Constitution and ‘Stopping Child Labor’. Children enacted a skit on the topic ‘Child Labor’ where a visible contrast in the behavior was shown by the lady of the house between her son and a small boy who works as a domestic help in the house. The child rights people come to the house and intervene to stop child labor.

Children shouted slogans on the ‘Children’s Rights’ as per the Indian Constitution. The importance of education was shown through a catchy song. Children danced to the song and emoted the feelings of school going children. The formation of state of ‘Haryana’ was stated where child labor was abolished.

The assembly was an eye opener for being aware of the rights of children and abolishing the evil of  child labor which is existing in the society.

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