Open Houses-Grade I

Open Houses-Grade I

Grade I conducted an Open House which showcased the models and exhibits under subjects like English, EVS, Math, Hindi and Telugu, encompassing various topics.

An open house is a chance for the parents to see for themselves what goes on in class each day and connect with the people that make learning fun for their wards. The students are encouraged, enthused and coached by the teachers to explain the diverse models to their parents, so that the parents can understand their ward’s comprehension of the concepts and also the teaching methodology followed by the teachers.

Different models were on display in each classroom pertaining to different subjects.

English had a wide variety of activity based exhibits on concepts like Grammar, punctuation, antonyms, fun with letters, present progressive tense, reading corner to mention a few.

EVS also had interesting models which triggered the curiosity of parents’ like-Types of plants, land forms in a word grid, modes of transport etc. Experiments like sink and float, formation of day and night explained through a globe, farm and wild animals etc. attracted the attention of all.

Math had many models which dealt with the importance of Math in daily life, matching currency with the things that it can buy, adding and subtracting, number names etc.

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Hindi and Telugu languages also made their contribution felt in the form of-chitra paheli, ek vachan-bahuvachan, vilom shabd, word making, reading, letter identification and varnamala.

All in all it was a visual delight for the parents and a sense of pride and joy to watch their wards confidence while explaining the various concepts. Such events promote a feeling of happiness and contentment among the parents and are a great source of recognition and motivation for the hard work of the teachers.

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