Graduation Day

Graduation Day

You shed tears on the first day and you’ll be shedding more on the last day: your little one is growing up too fast! Graduating from kindergarten is just one of the many graduations you will have the joy of experiencing but may be the only one that you hug and kiss your little one as much as you want. The PP II Graduation ceremony was held at DSE Attapur on 7th March 2020.

The students were dressed in their beautiful graduation robes and caps. The event started with a prayer which created an apt atmosphere all around. The students welcomed their parents with a rousing welcome dance. The program was based on the theme of children’s world.

A skit was performed that showcased their experiences in kindergarten. The finale was a fusion dance where the students attired in innovative costumes and accessories made of newspapers  was presented. Finally the students of PP II were honoured with graduation certificates by the dignitaries. The ceremony was a great celebration of our students efforts.

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