Father's Day

Father's Day

Father’s Day was celebrated by the DSE Attapur Pre-Primary wing, on 20th June, 2020, Saturday. Parents, students, teachers and Management of Delhi school of Excellence celebrated Father’s Day virtually on the google meet app.

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The celebrations were divided into two parts- the Zumba Dance and Games session, for which the fathers of the students were invited. The celebration commenced with the welcoming of the dignitaries and parents. A special activity was in store for the father-child duo to perform on the beats of Zumba. The fathers enthusiastically took part in the Zumba dance. They showcased their energetic moves to the beats of foot tapping music. The fathers also took part in games like making laddoos and a favourite childhood game-hopscotch.

While expressing their feelings on the occasion, the fathers appreciated the efforts of the school for this unique virtual celebration. They said such type of events help them to know their children better and also helped them to nurture their relationship with their children.

Mr. Augustine Thomas, Principal of Delhi school of Excellence gave a valuable message on the role of fathers in the life of a child and how to be a role model to their wards.

The celebration ended with a dance performance by fathers with their children and the national anthem concluded it all.

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