74th Independence Day Celebrations

74th Independence Day Celebrations

Marching Ahead for A better India during the Challenging times…

None of us might have ever imagined that there will come a 15 August where our Independence Day celebrations at school would be without a beautifully decorated campus in ribbons and balloons of the national flag’s colours. Though Covid-19 has shut schools indefinitely and added a twist to the 74th Independence Day celebrations the fervour remained the same as Delhi School of Excellence, Attapur opted for a virtual route to celebrate this year’s Independence Day and maintained the same enthusiasm on India’s biggest day.

A silent wish, a fervent hope and a bountiful patriotic zeal, with all these in heart, began the 74th Independence Day celebrations at DSE, Attapur. It is said that tough times make tough people. True to these words, the management and mentors at DSE, were determined to rise above the present challenging times and to set a benchmark.  The virtual celebration commenced with a patriotic rendition of ‘Vande Mataram’ which enveloped the entire ambience in nationalistic fervour. The hoisting of the National flag by the Principal Mr. Augustine Thomas and the recital of the National Anthem, paid a humble and honest homage to the great leaders who fought for the Independence of our country.

The programme featured patriotic songs, dances and the glimpses from the past that added momentum to the freedom struggle. The first war of independence , Jallianwala Bagh Massacre ,Civil Disobedience Movement( The Salt Satyagraha), Quit India Movement and finally the “Tryst With The Destiny” which is the essence of the triumphant culmination of the Indian independence struggle against the British Raj in India were well portrayed by the students. The array of these glimpses along with bold rendition of the students invoked a spirit of Nationalism in the minds of the audience. The speech of Gandhiji, incarnated by a student not only preached Non-Violence, Truth and peace but also courage and confidence to face the current Covid crisis.

The Tiny Tots of DSE commemorated the sacrifice of the freedom fighters by portraying themselves as the heroes who championed the cause of the struggle for Independence. An invigorating wave of patriotic fervour swept the hearts and minds of Deesians and immersed the virtual audience in the pride for being an Indian.

The Principal Mr. Augustine Thomas addressed the virtual gathering and motivated the students to work towards a better India where poverty, unemployment, illness are eradicated and so that love, compassion and goodwill envelop the world. He also saluted the Covid warriors along with the teaching fraternity for serving the nation selflessly.

The entire programme ignited the young minds and kindled a promise in their hearts to serve their motherland and contribute towards its holistic development and the well-being of the entire human fraternity and towards the end the complete Google meet virtual auditorium echoed with the slogans ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ and ‘Jai Hind’.

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