Sayonara- Farewell

Sayonara- Farewell

“Farewell doesn’t mean that you will not see each other but it means that you will meet again and create more memories” 

The customary farewell for the outgoing batch of 2021 was organized on 24th April and it was like no other farewell ever celebrated. It was a virtual one, but  lost no fervor of a physical one. 

The program started with a welcome tribute to the dignitaries, thanking them for their endeavours in making the year gone by a fruitful one, full of experience that taught a new way of life. A mesmerizing invocation dance  by Tripti and Vaishnavi aptly set the momentum for the course of the program. 

Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand. What followed next was an exceptionally beautiful instrumental medley rendition on flute by the supremely talented Sparsha that had the audience spellbound. A skit, followed by an energetic dance performance and to conclude there was the nostalgic ‘Down the Memory Lane’ video reminiscing of days spent in school.  All the 90 students were bestowed with Mr. and Ms. titles based on the traits displayed by them throughout the year, which took them by surprise. 

That was not all. The virtual Ramp Walk by the grade X students was a treat to the eyes and each one competed with the other for the coveted titles. The shortlisted students faced questions on diverse topics from Mr Naveen Reddy and Ms Ruchita, the judges for the day. After a tough fight Mohd. Sohail and Jessica Alexander walked away with the titles of Mr. and Ms. DSE. Thakur Abhinav Singh and Sonal Amaravadi were declared Mr Charming and Ms Gorgeous respectively. 

The Head Boy Abhinav Singh and Head Girl Farah Mariam thanked and expressed their deep love and gratitude to the management and teachers who had consistently guided them in the right direction throughout their school years

The Principal Mr. Augustine in his address emphasized on the values that DSE had inculcated in the students which they must carry with them wherever they go. The Academic Director Ms. Shashikala too addressed the students and motivated them  not to be deterred by the hurdles in life but face them bravely and be successful. 

The Farewell then was a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Words coated with sentiments poured in from the students. Gratitude towards the school where they have spent so much time grooming themselves into their better-self poured out. It all ended in a mixed emotion of tears and joy. 

Summing up, the event was great, filled with nostalgia, fun and excitement!

To cite Paulo Coelho, if we are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward us with a new Hello. Everyone departed with promises of remaining connected.


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