Qualities of a Good Nursery or Pre-school

Qualities of a Good Nursery or Pre-school

Education is serious business in India and even if it is admission into a Pre-school, parents want to know various things and they want their myriad questions answered. Finding the right Nursery programme or Pre-school can prove challenging for parents. We enlist some of the most important qualities we believe a Pre-school should possess, to help you make an informed choice.

  1. First and foremost, we believe that the playschool should enjoy a flawless reputation. Children at this age are totally defenceless and so sending them to places and people you trust is absolutely essential. Prospective parents are definitely bound to consult their extended family, friends and peers at works for recommendations as to the right kind of schools and thus it is absolutely essential that the school enjoys an impeccable reputation. Word of mouth publicity can work wonders at this level of learning. So Pre-K or Play Schools should enjoy an immaculate reputation! Delhi School of Excellence, the top CBSE school in Hyderabad offers per-primary I and II. And what’s more the school enjoys an irreproachable reputation!

At this juncture, parents seek answers to the following questions:

  • Is your child happy to go to school?
  • Do they share new things they learned while at school?
  • What do you like about school ?
  • Are the teachers experienced, affectionate and caring?
  • Does the school communicate with parents regularly?
  • Is the programme play-based, academic, or both?
  • Are the children taught languages, nature education, art, music  etc.?
  • Is the school provided with outdoor play areas etc.?

If the responses to all the questions are affirmative, you can rest assured that you have admitted your little one in the right school. Delhi School of Excellence, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad will definitely provide positive answers to the above questions!

  1. The second feature to be addressed is whether the school offers an affectionate and soothing environment. At the Nursery school level, initially, the child is anxious and apprehensive, for it is its first experience of being away from both its parents, their loving care and attention and familiar faces.

Most schools allow interaction with the class teachers after school hours, in the presence of your child, to make him feel secure and alleviate his fears. You might wish to visit the campus while the school is in session, to check for yourself how the school is functioning. You might wish to know from your child how the teacher interacts with the children, how your child interacts with its peers. This should provide you with a fair idea as to the kind of a school you have selected for your child. 

The ambience at Delhi School of Education is cosy and comforting. Mentors are courteous, warm and approachable. The school organises a PTM once a month and parents are welcome to voice their concerns to the PP Coordinator and the teachers.

  1. The third feature that prospective parents should take an interest in is with regards to the faculty. The first question to be asked is about how committed and experienced the mentors are. What matters the most is the dedication and passion of the mentors. Campus comes a distant second when compared with passionate, caring and qualified mentors and staff!

If you are visiting numerous schools in search of the ‘right’ preschool for your child, be on the look-out for mentors who speak gently and softly to your child. ‘Be informed that these are the teachers who want your child to succeed and who will do everything in their power to keep them happy and healthy in the process.’

Given below is a list of some of the most important qualities that a great preschool or nursery teacher will exhibit :

  • Experience and Commitment
  • Zeal
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • A sense of humor
  • Fervour
  • Great communication skills
  • A warm personality

You could consider asking the faculty and staff questions about:

  • What do they enjoy most about being at this particular school?
  • What do they love about teaching nursery or preschool?
  • How long have they been teaching?

At Delhi School of Excellence, mentors are groomed to display a level of ease with the students, irrespective of the learner’s  age and class. Teachers are moulded to be the epitomes of courtesy, grace and gentleness at all times. Hence, admitting your child in any one of the three branches of Delhi School of Excellence would be a right step in securing the future of your child!

  1. Another important feature that you can look for is to find out if the school offers ‘active learning’. Youngsters learn by watching and imitating, discovering for themselves the joy of  doing or experiencing. 

Thus, it is very important that there is scope for them to explore the natural world around them, listen to stories, music, participate in art and craft activities and outdoor play. These activities will not only help lay the foundation for crucial Academic Learning, but will also rouse curiosity in them, help them experience the feeling of empathy and introduce them to problem solving skills. They learn crucial concepts like counting, identifying colours and shapes, hone coordination and fine motor skills, all of which are essential pre-academic skills .

In a positive environment such as the one prevalent at the Delhi School of Excellence, a child could be introduced to the joy of learning and a love of school, early!

  1. Last but far from the least comes facilities. Parents will want to know how clean and safe facilities are for their little one. The classroom, the seating facilities inside the classroom, the open area around the school, the playpen, washroom space and the attendant staff, all prove to be of crucial importance for prospective parents. It is equally important to ensure that classrooms and the contents such as the furniture, toys, books are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals to ensure good health and hygiene for everyone.

Nursery and Pre-school years form the crucial foundation for your child’s future academic learning. Thus, it is important to choose the right Pre-school. The above features are an endeavour to provide you with tips and suggestions that will help you select the appropriate school. Bear the above features in mind and make the wise choice of admitting your child in Delhi School of Excellence, the top CBSE school in Hyderabad!

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