Achievements 2021-22

Grades 3 and 4
🌟 SWAGAT- Narration using mask of endangered species- 1st position
1. Aarohi Reddy – 3A
Incharge teacher – Ms. Swati Joshi

Competition Overall Incharge for Grades 3 and 4 – Ms. Nageswari

 Grades 3 & 4 Coordinator Ms.Malathi and External Competitions Incharge Mr.Arjun.

The results of UDBHAV Inter-School Competitions conducted by Delhi Public School, Nadergul on 28th August 2021.
Grades 1 and 2
🌟 Story telling with puppets – (Hindi)
Avyan Banerjee – 2C – 2nd position
🌟Story telling with puppets(English)
N.V.V Thanya Meda 2E – 3rd Position
Grades 3 and 4
🌟 Poetry Recitation – Hindi
1. Mayank Mishra- 4A- 1st position
🌟 Solo Dance – Folk
1. Snikitha Choudhury 3D – 1st position
🌟 Solo singing – Patriotic song
1. Dhruvika Vashisth – 4E – 3rd position
Grades 5 and 6
🌟 Product Selling – (Telugu)
Bhavishya Boggu – 6D – 1st position
🌟Lemon & Spoon Sit ups (Sports – Girls)
Neeharika PV – 6A – 3rd Position
Grades 7 and 8
🌟 Radio Jockey – (Hindi) 
Daman Singh- 7A – 3rd position
🌟Still Life drawing
Ananya S Chopada – 8D – 1st Position
🌟Ramp Walk-Best Out of Waste
Mukunda Sai – 8E- 1st Position
Tanishi Anizwal – 7B – 1st position
Grades 9 and 10
🌟 Solo Western Dance
Archita Brahmachari – 10B – 1st position
🌟Two Point Perspective City Scape Drawing
Akshit Soni – 10A – 1st Position
🌟Skipping Boys(Sports-8,9,10)
Sidhartha KB – 10A – 2nd Position
The results of Impulse Inter-School Competitions conducted by Meridian School, Kukatpally on 27th August 2021.
Grades 1 and 2
🌟 I dream a world! – (Recitation)
1. Yeshasvi Mohanty – 2B – 3rd position
Grades 5 and 6
🌟 Re-Imagine! – (BEST OUT OF WASTE)
1. R Naga Abhiram – 6E – 2nd position
Grades 7 to 10
🌟 Extraordinaire! – (Mono Acting )
Ayush Rathi – 7D – 2nd position
🌟 AD-Company (Time Machine)
Jhalak Goyal – 7E – 3rd position
Khushi Goyal – 9C – 1st position
Daman Singh – 7A – 3rd position
🌟 Merk Model Parliament – 1st Position (Best Innovative Bill)
2. BHAVYA TRIPATHI (As Minister for Sports)- 9C
3. MOHAMMED ARMAN (As Prime Minister)- 10A
4. TANAY GOEL (As Opposition Member) – 10B
5. SOUMYA SHUBHAM (As Opposition Member) – 9B
6. SHRUTI TIWARI (As New Minister)- 8E
7. RIDA FATIMA TAJAMMUL (As New Minister)- 10C
8. SANJANA REDDY PULLAGRULA (As Education Minister)- 10B
9. AAMINA AZEEM BAIG (As Women and Child Welfare Minister) – 10B
10. SUMEDHA ACHYUTUNI (As Minister Of State Home Affairs)- 9C
11. VIDUSH T (As Opposition Member)- 10D
12. ABHINANDAN SAI KALITHKAR (As Opposition Member)- 8B
13. AKSHAINI ELETI (As Speaker)- 8D
14. VEDIKA INANI (As Opposition Member)- 9A
15. SAURISH MISHRA (As Secretary General) – 9C
16. KHUSHI GOYAL (As Home Minister)- 9C

Shri Utsav Sanskriti Inter-School Competitions conducted by The Shri Ram Universal School on 12th,13th August 2021.
Grades III and IV
🌟 WAH! KYA BAAT HAI – (Dress Up)
1. Aarohi Reddy – III A – 1st position

🌟 RANG TARANG – (Poster Making Competition)
 1. Hita Aadya – III E – 1st position

🌟 NANHE CHATORE – (Fireless cooking)
1. Aditya Chatterjee – IV A – 1st position

POTENZIA EXZELONCSE Inter-School Competitions conducted by Army Public School, RK Puram on 30th July 2021.

Grades 3 and 4
🌟 MARIONETEE- (Puppet Show)
1. Navikaa Shankar – 3D – 1st position

Grades 5 and 6
🌟 ACTOMANIA – (Role Play of Story characters with a twist)
1. Reyansh Bhardwaj – 5E – 3rd position

Grades 7 and 8
🌟 Hasya Vigyapan – (Advertising any product in Hindi)
1. Panshul Modi -7E- 2nd position

Grades 9 and 10
🌟 Soliloquy – (TO BE OR NOT TO BE)
1. Shubham Ghosh- 9 D – 3rd position

Grades 9 and 10
1. Koundinya Srivardhan- 10 D – 3rd position

Sampada– International Inter-School Competitions conducted by Ganges Valley School on 27th July 2021.

Grades 1 and 2
🌟 Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani – Fancy Dress Competition
1. Avyaan Banerjee – 2C – Ist Position

Grades 9 and 10
🌟 PRERANA (Declamation)
1. Aamina Baig – 10B – 3rd position

🌟 PRASHAN MANCH (Quiz on Indian Heritage)
1. Vidush T – 10D
2. Saurish Mishra- 9C – 3rd position

India Book of Records 2022 confirmed and finalized Vishalini N C of Grade II E as the ‘Youngest Patent Holder’ for having invented “An Automatic Multi-Functional Life Rescue Flood House”.

This young patent holder received the patent on May 10, 2021 (Patent No: 366431) as confirmed on June 28,  2021.

atrang Inter-School Competitions conducted by Glendale group of Schools on 10th July 2021.
🌟 Drawing and Sketching
1. Ayush Rathi- 7D – 3rd position
🌟 Painting
1. Sanvi Singh – 8B – 1st position
🌟 Collage
1. Aarshi Mazumdar – 7C – 1st position
Grades 9 and 10
🌟 Drawing and Sketching
1. Disha Ghosh – 9A – 1st position


Sanvi stands winner in ITL Hyderabad Futures- UTR Rating tournament in U-13 mixed category conducted at Professional Tennis Academy on 12-13 Dec 2020.

The results of International Olympiad Of Value System, Health and Wellness conducted on 28th November 2020

🏆The students who won at All India level are:
🥇 Ahona Paul of Grade 4 – secured Olympiad 1st Rank with 100% score
🥉 Joanna Rachel Cherian of Grade 5- secured Olympiad 3rd Rank with 96.67% score

🏵️The school level toppers are:
🏅Group 1: Ahona Paul – Grade IV
🏅Group 2 : Shravani K. Deshpande -Grade VI
🏅Group 3 : Richa Mishra- Grade X

The results of MELANGE Inter School competition conducted on 23rd November 2020, by Meridian school, Banjara hills.

🍁 Little Story teller
🌟 Anvi Barnwal -PP II B – 1st position

🍁 My Masterpiece (Drawing and Colouring)
🌟 Eshan Chakraborti- PP II A – 3rd position

🍁 Create A Disguise (Fancy dress)
🌟 Haanvika N – 2nd position.

🍁 Rhyme Time
🌟 Arohi Reddy – II A – 2nd position.
⭐. Avyan Banerjee – IC – 3rd position

🍁 Spot Light (My Ambition)
🌟 Rudransh Maharna- I D – 1st position

🍁 Tom Thumb
🌟 Winona Siimalla -II F- 2nd position.

The results of Impulse Inter-School Competitions conducted by MERIDIAN School, Kukatpally on 19th & 20th November, 2020.
Category A
🌟 Rangon ki duniya
1. Aadidev Gunthapally- PP I A – 2nd position
Category B
🌟 Nachle-Solo dance
1. Snikitha Choudhury – II D – 3rd position
🌟 Doll Me Up
1. Oishmik Paul III E – 2nd position
Category C
🌟 Fireless Delight
1. Sneho Chakraborty, VI -2nd position
Category D
🌟 Mono Acting
1. Shreya Rathi, X B – Ist position

🌟 Merk Model Parliament – 1st Position in Best Innovative Bill
Participating Students:

1. AAMINA BAIG (As Speaker)- 9B
2. UZAIR BAIG (As Marshal)- 6B
3. MOHAMMED ARMAN (As Minister of Health & Family Welfare:1)- 9A
4. TANAY GOEL (As Deputy Minister of Health & Family Welfare:2) – 9B
5. VIDUSH T (As Home Minister for state- 2) – 9D
6. NITIN SRI SIVA KALYAN V (As Home Minister-1)- 9D
7. NITHYA LEKHA J (As Prime Minister)- 9B
8. FARHEEN MARIAM (As Minister of Finance)- 9A
9. GEETANJALI MITTIMEEDA (As State Minister of Finance-2) – 9B
10. SOUMYA SHUBHAM (As Minister for water Resources)- 8B
11. DEEPSHIKHA SAANVI (As M.P from Opposition Party)- 9D
12. SHOAIB ABDUL AZEEZ (As M.P from Opposition Party)- 9D
13. AJINKYA INDRAJEET PAWAR (As M.P from Opposition Party) – 8D
14. MADHUMITA REDDY (As M.P from Opposition Party)- 8C


Ananya Chopde VII D won 1st prize(Laptop) in the Quiz All India Quiz Competition conducted by ISCON Hyderabad.

🌟 Heels and toes (Dance competition)
Haanvika,  PP II B – 2nd position

🌟 Fancy Dress Competition
Levin Chopalla, PP I A – 2nd position
Aarav Reddy, PP II A -2nd position

🌟 Poem Recitation Competition
Vedasree, PP II B – 3rd position
Rishant Reddy, PP II C- 3rd position

Preprimary Competition Incharge (overall)- Ms. Ashwini

🌟 Comic Strip
Supreeth Kumar Reddy – 8 B – 3rd position

🌟 Stand Up Comedy
Shreya Rathi, 10 B – 1st position
Namita Singh, 10 B – 2nd position

🌟 E- Brochure Designing
Farah Mariam, 10 B – 1st position

Abhinav Singh & Jesscia Alexander, 10B were declared as 2nd Runner Up in Monomachia – conducted by Army Public School, Bolarum in Debate Competiton.

Grade 7&8 competition Incharge (overall)- Ms. Renuka
Grade 9&10 competition Incharge (overall)- Mr. Arjun

Our school secured Over all 3rd position among 38 schools and over 600 participants.

Fancy Dress Comican Characters(1&2)
Avyan Banerjee, 1 C – 2nd Position

Performance Poetry-Hindi (3&4)
Reyansh Bharadwaj, IV E – 1st position

Dramatic Monologue English (9&10)
Sparsha Prasad, IX C – 1st position  

Radio Jockey – Telugu(7&8)
Sri Harsha, VII C – 1st position  

Radio Jockey – Hindi (7&8)
Anvesha Patil VIII D, 3rd position 

Cheriyal Art (9&10)
Garveet Jalan, IX D 3rd position

Solo Singing Western (9&10)
Richa Mishra X A – 2nd position

Solo Singing Classical (9&10)
Kunjana Ganguly, X A  – 3rd position

Instrumental Solo (9&10)
Suryansh, X B – 1st Position

Solo Classical Dance (3&4)
Laasya Gubbala – 2nd Position 

Solo Western Dance (5&6)
Suniska Chaudhary VI A – 2nd Position


K Sree Vidya, IV B has been adjudged the ‘Best of Best’ in the Final Round of Kreative Star ’19.
Lavanya, IV A – II Runner Up in the Final Round of Kreative Star ’19.

Hridhay, IV A  has won many prizes at various Chess competitions.

Adwaith Rao, VI B won gold medal in Taekwondo Championship held at Ranga Reddy district.

Mano Sri Teja B, VI E secured 3rd Prize in ABACUS State Level Talent Test 2019 conducted by Memory Maths Academy.

S. Adwaith Rao, VI B has attained RED-I grade in the Taekwondo promotion test conducted in accordance with Taekwondo Federation of India and World Taekwondo Federation.

Hrithika T, III C secured 20th place in the 9th National Chess Championship.

The School was adjudged as Runners Up in Overall Championship in Shri Utsav organised by Shriram Universal School

1. Palak Singh and Sree Harsha, Grade V secured I position in Wings of Imagination competition.
2. Vidushi, Grade V secured I position in Pictureka competition.
3. Deeba and Disha, Grade VI secured II position inTeacher of Future competition.
4. Laasya, grade III secured II position in Mono Acting competition.
5. Jatin Charan and Shubham Ghosh, Grade VII secured II position in Director’s Cut competition.
6. Supreeth, Adarsh, Ishmaeel and Sharman of Grades VI & VII secured III position in Creativity Meets Madness-Ad-Mad competition.

1st position:  V. Naga Kavya Sri, XB

2nd position: R. Harika Reddy

The NMDC celebrated its 62nd Formation Day at its Head Office in Hyderabad. As a part of there celebrations, the NMDC organized a mega drawing and painting competition for the students of high school.
The theme for the competition was chosen with an aim to promote Government of India’s initiatives such as “Swaccha Bharat” and “Avoid : Single Use Plastic”.

Finalist Awardees:
1. Shreya Rathi – IX B
2. Nidhi Agarwal – IX C
3. Debanshu Meta – VII C

Students participated in the CBSE Science Exhibition – ‘Hubs of Learning’ organised by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Sainkpuri.

Dhruva Thota, V D secured 12th place in under 1400 Fide Rating at Telangana State Tournament.

He participated in Telangana State Selections for the upcoming event of National School Chess tournament to be held at Aurangabad Maharashtra India and stood first in U 10 open category.

Sanvi Singh, Grade VI B has secured Silver medal in Tennis (Under 12 Category).

Akhilesh Biradar, Grade VII C has secured Silver medal in Karate (Under 12 Category).

Farhaan Ahmed, IX A secured Silver Medal in Skating Competition.

Navya Anupoja, Grade VII D secured Silver Medal in Badminton (U-13) girls singles.

A.Tejo Krishna PP II A secured second position silver medal , Hyd district skating competition ( rink 1, quad 5 -7 age )

Snehal Heda, Grade VII stood 2nd in National Level Handwriting Competition conducted by Kangaroo’s All India Art Competition. She is honored with a Branded School Bag and a Memento.
Vidushi Sarda, Grade V secured 4th position in National Level Handwriting Competition conducted Kangaroo’s All India Art Competition.
S. Nithya Reddy, Grade VI and Vidushi Sarda, Grade V secured 3rd and 4th positions in National Level Handwriting Competition conducted Kangaroo’s All India Art Competition
Adaa Aqther, Grade IV received 99.9 Original Silver Medal Shield for securing 1st position in Handwriting Competition at National Level organised by Kangaroo’s All India Art Competition

Reyaansh Badmera, Grade II secured 3rd Rank at International Level in the SOF National Cyber Olympiad. He has also received International Bronze Medal and Gift Voucher worth rupees 1000/-  

Students of Grade II & III stood first in Skit Competition in event ‘Impulse 2019’ organised by Meridian Kukatpally

Suniska Choudhary-Grade V
Muskan Hasnani-Grade IX B
Ayush Rathi-Grade V
Vandana Singh has been honored for contributing her services

 Sunishka Choudhary, Grade V and Nameera, Grade VIII has secured third prize in ‘Satrang’ Drawing Competition.

Sanvi Singh, Grade VI B has won Doubles (Under-12 Girls Category) in Lawn Tennis Tournament organised All India Tennis Association (AITA).

V. Sai Nijagana of Grade II B achieved many accolades for her dance performances. She won many prizes in ‘Kuchipudi’ dance form and registered her place in ‘The Universal Book of Records ‘. It’s a proud moment for DSE to have a talented dancer associated with the school.

Khushi Goyal was awarded Second prize in Badminton at Reqelford International School

Sprasha Prasad, VIII A won second prize in Poster Making

Hidar was awarded Promising Player in Inter Chess Tournament Winning Moves at DSE Attapur


T. Dhruv (Grade V) won 1st Prize at National Level Chess Tournament (Under 10)

Vansh Kabra, X A secured third position in Chess tournament of 9th Rukmini Bai Inter School sports event held at Secunderabad Public School.


Winners of  ‘SYAHI -Art & Literary Fest’ organised by Meridian Madhapur on 20th July, 2019.