Children’s Day

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”

John F Kennedy

Children look forward to Children’s day, every year with great anticipation, as they get to see the hidden talents of their teachers, whom they adore plenteous. The countdown for their wait begins soon after the Teacher’s day which they dedicate to their teachers. This year DSE, Attapur celebrated Children’s Day at three different levels according to the children’s level of understanding and expectations. All the students were dressed in their colourful best and looked like beautiful butterflies fluttering around. The Academic Director, Ms. B. Shashikala, The Principal, Mr. Augustine, Vice-Principal Ms. Bharati and Headmistress Ms. Lakshmi Gowri graced the occasion.

In Pre Primary the teachers kept the ambience ignited by dressing up in colorful teddy bear costumes and danced to some of the famous children’s favourite songs. One of the students spoke about the significance of the day. Their excitement knew no bounds when they saw their beloved teachers gyrating.

In Grades I and II, the Children’s day celebrations started with an informative talk on the significance of celebrating this day. Children thoroughly enjoyed a poetry that showcased the contrast between the old and new generation of children. The students were overjoyed to see their teachers entertain them with an excellent dance performance. The icing on the cake was an impromptu dance of all the children of grades I and II on the stage.

Grades III to X had their celebration in the school grounds. The program started with the assembly, routinely done by the students but on this day by the teachers. They did the school prayer followed by the pledge. This time it was the teachers who took the pledge while the children looked on. The thought and the humorous news had the children in splits. Mr. Rupesh from the Social Science department came dressed as Chacha Nehru and gave a message to the students.

Adding to the revelry was a captivating dance performance by the male staff. The enraptured students were swept away when they saw their Principal too on the stage as a participant. The Academic Director and the other dignitaries also joined the dance later. The students enjoyed the performance thoroughly.

A mellifluous medley of songs was dedicated to the students wherein they too joined. There is no Children’s day if there are no mothers. A silent jocose saga was presented by the teachers as a tribute to the mothers who bear all the tantrums and silently go about nourishing each of their children with values of life.

Children are the pride of any institution. Our children have a strong sense of social responsibility. DSE, Attapur is the proud recipient of the Mother Teresa award for the third consecutive year in a row for its contribution to the IDF. The highest contributors and the HRTs of the highest contributing classes were honoured on this day. Other awards for the inter-school competition winners were also given away.

The Principal, Mr. Augustine addressed the students and advised them to be responsible citizens, respect their teachers and live their childhood to the fullest. The head girl, Shubha Tanaya and the Cultural Secretary Sai Prathiti expressed their thanks to the teachers on behalf of the student community for putting up the show for them. The program concluded with the national anthem.

Childhood means fun unlimited, bounteous shower of love and care, realm of imagination and the joy of growing up. But, without the right track they may miss living a good life. This can be done only by giving a right education, care and way to progress. DSE stands for the best values of education to be imparted in the students.


Happiness lies in good health
Not in accumulation of wealth
Happiness lies in caring for others
Like dear friends and brothers
Happiness lies in sharing
Not is amassing
Happiness is the state of mind
Nowhere else you can find
Enjoy the moment, live the life
Happiness is the journey not destination
Happiness Is doing what is your fascination
Happiness is doing what you like
Sleeping, walking, running and riding a bike

School recently celebrated the annual day of Pre Primary and grades I and II- JOIE DE VIVRE-A celebration of happiness, at the magnificent Taramati Baradari. Ms Sonal Ravi Andrews, Director and founder, Integrated Preschool Teachers Training Academy (IPTTA) was the Chief Guest who graced the occasion with her charming presence. The other esteemed guests who embellished the event with their presence were the Chairman Sri P Madhusudan Rao, the guiding force behind the DSE group of institutions, Secretary Ms Rama Devi, Administrator Ms Reshmi Shenoy, Academic Director Ms Shashikala, Principal, Mr Augustine Thomas, colleagues from other DSE branches and parents.

An endearing ceremony was the guard of honour accorded to the Chief Guest by the tiny tots of pre primary and grades I and II. The Vice Principal, Ms Bharti welcomed the gathering formally.

The programme commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Honourable Chief Guest, Chairman Sir and the other dignitaries followed by a classical dance recital presented by the tiny tots as an invocation to the almighty. Four colourful butterflies from pre primary and four compeers from grade I and II anchored the event with panache and confidence. Thereafter, the beautifully decorated stage with flexis and animated LEDs came alive with a riot of colours where the little ones presented an array of programs centered round the theme of Joie De Vivre-Happiness. The little ones dressed in vibrant costumes showcased dances depicting diverse emotions of happiness, blue bird dance, peacocks dance of happiness, Mickey and Minnie dance, Krishna’s mischief, Mother’s happiness, Pride in belonging to India and many more. The young musical talents presented a mellifluous song depicting the happiness of animals and birds.

The hallmark of the evening were the two skits- ‘In Quest of Happiness’-with the moral ‘Never compare yourself with others. Be happy with what you have’ and ‘The Joy of Giving’ telling the of tale of Oliver Twist, an enactment of the idea that children can bring a change of heart in the most cruel person with their innocence. The Grand Finale culminated the cultural fiesta that presented the dances from north, south, east and west set to foot tapping music and innovative choreography.

The annual report presented by the Principal Mr. Augustine Thomas showcased the proud achievements of the School.

Our Chief Guest of the day was introduced to the audience by the Headmistress Ms Lakshmi Gowri. In her address Ms Sonal Ravi Andrews spoke about how in our quest of happiness we are losing focus on the little things that give us joy. She defined the essence of true happiness as living in the moment, taking each day as it comes and to be thankful for what we have.

The Chief Guest was superlative in her appreciation of the students, teachers and management for the programme presented. She lauded the vision and the relentless hard work done by students and their mentors for presenting such a message oriented programme.

The little compeers proposed the vote of thanks to acknowledge the efforts of the people who worked for the success of the show.

The programme witnessed mass participation of around 550 students as almost all children from the pre-primary and grades I and II participated with great enthusiasm.

The program concluded with national anthem.

The parents left the venue with an overwhelming feeling of happiness and smiles on their faces after an exhilarating evening.

“It’s better to see something than to hear about it a thousand times.” Every expedition made is an experience which leaves students pondering and implores them to think.

This year, the students and the staff had an opportunity to visit Delhi, Mukteswar and Corbett.

Student Health Activity

Health is often a state of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Hence, CBSE have decided to mainstream health and physical education for Grades IX - XII with the aim of preventing them from having a sedentary lifestyle or turn into couch potatoes.

Open House-An insight into classroom transactions…

The Pre Primary Wing held their ‘Self Evaluation’ and Grade I hosted an 'Open House', on 8th September. The purpose of the event was to familiarize the parents with the techniques used by the teachers to interact in the classroom and to give the parents a chance to observe a classroom and watch their wards elucidate what they have learnt in the languages, EVS, Math and Art in the first term. It was all about what exposure the students have got, how much they have grasped, what skills they have developed, how much they have imbibed in their classrooms and how enthusiastic they were to showcase the same to their proud parents. All this was done through diverse ‘Do It Yourself’ activities.

Pre Primary:

The activities included recitation of poems that gave scope to bring out the pronunciation, voice modulation, and expression of talent. Fun with letters provides the brain some exercise. Action words and ascending-descending order, subtraction, the very common but interesting math concepts, gave the young minds food for thought to identify them and apply them in daily life. Map pointing was one more activity where the students learnt the sense of direction. It makes them confident and gives an opportunity to explore their horizons. The division of three activities per subject gave ample scope to the students to showcase what they have learnt and give it their best shot. The students loved to display their skills and make their parents proud by demonstrating their abilities in explaining the topics via an activity or project on display.

The parent’s faces shone with happiness and their hearts swelled with pride. They left the school premises with contentment in their heart that their kids are in able hands of qualified teachers who leave no stone unturned to enlighten them and make them confident enough to tread the path of excellence in every field.

The motto of Delhi School of Excellence teachers, 'Teach with confidence, explain in-depth, develop questioning skills and nurture a thinker who will always be in pursuit of knowledge and excellence' was on ample display during these two events.

Grade I:

Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges. - Joyce Meyer

Teachers are just not facilitators but natural mentors, therapists, catalyst for change and many more. We might end up forgetting a lot of people in our lives but never our teachers. Every one of us remembers that one teacher who not only helped to simplify the most terrible and complex equations but also helped us in understanding life.

September 5th is observed as Teacher’s Day in India on the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a teacher par excellence. Students too celebrated this day by paying a tribute to all their teachers. The theme of the celebration was ‘From your Bachpan to our Bachpan’. The students took us on a journey from the 1970s to the 2010s. For the teachers it was a trip down the memory lane when the songs of their childhood were belted out. Nostalgia reigned supreme when dances, classroom pranks, childhood games etc. were showcased by the students. The whole ambience was electrified with the latest chartbusters when the students presented their childhood with many of them tapping their feet to the songs. The students from grades VI to X held the teachers spellbound with their talents, dances, skits, songs and witty compeering.

Games like lemon and spoon with a twist, arm wrestling and saree draping were all conducted for the teachers in which they participated enthusiastically. It was a day befitting the occasion.

The students proved that their teachers have taught them enough and that they can put up a show all by themselves.

"Many of us have fond childhood memories of bedtime stories from a grandmother, vivid in a way that only childhood memories can be.

The students of Grade III presented their event, Symphonious Saga and took the audience on a journey of karadi rhymes, an integral part of Karadi Tales, a series of popular audio books for children in India. With books like the ones available on Karadi Tales, it is more likely that another generation of children will have fond memories that are closer to grandma's home. For, stories have to be retold and songs have to be sung to be kept alive. They need to be passed on to keep traditions and values thriving. The Karadi rhymes based on Indian music enthral the young and the old alike to celebrate the Indian childhood.

Secretary of the school Rama Devi ma’am, Academic director Shashikala ma’am, Administrator Reshmi ma’am, Principal Augustine Thomas sir, Vice Principal Bharti ma’am, Headmistress Lakshmi Gowri ma’am, coordinators and parents graced the occasion and motivated the students.

The beautiful rhymes showcased during the event were on trains, rains, crows, kites, colours, sarees, trees, flowers, rivers and on unity in diversity of which India is a shining example. The students in colourful and vibrant costumes, appropriate props and above all a positive attitude presented a show which was unique in its own way.

A very vibrant atmosphere was created by the students with their performance. The Principal in his address commended the students and the teachers involved for the brilliant show.

August 15th, is a red letter day in the history of India. On this day in 1947, our country became free from the shackles of slavery of the British rule. Since 1947, this day is celebrated every year with great joy and pride. The great sacrifices of our freedom fighters is remembered, which serves as a beacon light for the development of this great country. The nation pays homage to the security forces who have laid down their lives for the honour and security of the country.

The 72nd Independence Day was celebrated with zeal and spirit befitting the occasion. The Academic Director, Ms Shashikala graced the occasion. The Principal, Mr Augustine Thomas, Vice Principal Ms Bharti and Headmistress, Ms Lakshmi Gowri were the other dignitaries present. The celebration started with the unfurling of the tricolor by the dignitaries followed by the rendition of the Vande Mataram song, dedicated to the martyrs of our nation. The gamut of celebration activities held on the campus consisted of speeches in Hindi and English that spoke about the freedom and the price at which it came, a group song in Telugu and Hindi and a patriotic remix rhythm. Little Aradhya of grade I enchanted the gathering with her stimulating speech on the occasion.

The highlight of the day was a group dance competition among the four houses on the theme of patriotism. The four houses presented dances full of gusto and zest. An atmosphere of patriotic fervour pervaded over the entire campus. The dances presented, mesmerized the audience. The competition was judged by Ms Jyothi Reddy an accomplished danseuse and Mr Chandu Naidu, an assistant choreographer of the Telugu film industry on the parameters of choreography, synchronisation, costume and props, interpretation of the theme and the overall presentation.

The Principal Mr. Augustine Thomas, in his address inspired the students to be responsible citizens and contribute to the development of India. According to him small contributions in its own little ways can contribute greatly towards nation building.

Thereafter the much awaited results of the dance competition were announced. The house that took the honours was the Spartans house with their patriotic mash up and the second place was bagged by the Trojans who performed on the chartbuster ‘Ae watan mere watan aabaad rahe tu.’

The program concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Sai Prathiti, the Cultural Secretary to take cognisance of the people and their efforts.

Battle of moves……. ‘Winning Moves’- Inter School Chess Championship

The game of chess is not merely an idle amusement. Several very valuable qualities of the mind, useful in the course of human life, are to be acquired or strengthened by it… For Life is a kind of Chess, in which we have often points to gain, and competitors or adversaries to contend with.” – Benjamin Franklin

The 5th edition of ‘Winning Moves’ the Inter School Chess Championship was held on 3rd and 4th August, 2018. It gave the enthusiastic participants an opportunity to test and showcase their skills in front of teachers, peers and coaches.

The two-day Chess festival attracted an overwhelming response from around 250 chess playing school children belonging to about prominent 40 schools.

The inaugural ceremony held on 3rd August, 2018 began on an auspicious note with the traditional lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest and the other dignitaries followed by a formal welcome address by the Principal Mr. Augustine Thomas to the Chief Guest of the day Sri. Emani Chiranjevi, former chief coach, Indian Boxing Federation and the other dignitaries. This was followed by a short cultural program that included a stunning classical dance recital by Sparsha of Grade VII, a motivational song by the school choir and a wonderful narrative about chess by Farah and Malik of Grade VIII and VII respectively.

The Chief Guest Sri. Emani Chiranjevi, in his address impressed upon the audience, the importance of playing chess and the values one can learn from it.

After the inauguration, the Chess Championship was declared open by the Chief Guest of the day and the youngest participant joined the Chief Guest for the inaugural moves. And then began the six rounds for the ultimate glory.

The prizes up for grabs were a cash award of Rs.5000 and a rolling trophy for the winners in the seniors and juniors category. The runners up could take home a cash award of Rs. 2500 in both the categories. Apart from this there were also two prizes each in the senior and junior category for the ‘Most Promising Player’ of the tournament.

The two days of the championship saw a keen clash of minds, intelligent moves and resonance of ‘checkmates’. Arbiters and other personnel had their hands full with many students playing at one place; nevertheless, they handled their work exceptionally well.

The valedictory ceremony held on 4th August, 2018 saw the winners being awarded. The honors were done by the Chief Guest BV Raj Gopal, Vice President Telangana Chess Association Sri Madhusudan Rao , Chairman DSE group of institutions , Rama Devi Ma'am Secretary, Shashikala ma'am Academic Director, Reshmi ma’am Administrator, Augustine Thomas Principal, Vice Principal Bharti Rao and Headmistress Lakshmi Gowri.

During the valedictory ceremony the audience was also regaled to a peppy group song by the school choir and a captivating dance performance by the students of Grades V, VI and VII.

TS Model School emerged as the overall champion among the senior category while it was the Phoenix Greens International School among the juniors.

The outcome of the tournament saw the students develop their focus and concentration, deal with winning and losing in a safe environment, and experience the dynamics of teamwork. Perhaps the most striking outcome was how the challenge of chess competition swells the students' confidence and pride.

The event came to an end with the rendition of National Anthem.

HDFC in collaboration with NDTV conducted an awareness programme for the students of Grade VIII & IX. Students were shown a PPT on kinds of Insurance and the importance of insurance was explained. The students participated actively in the session and respond to the questions raised the by organisers. The Television Media partner NDTV will telecast the event shortly.

School has always believed in imparting the right attitude towards life in students. Extending a helping hand to the needy is what has been inculcated in the students from the very beginning. The Indian Development Foundation of which DSE, Attapur has been a willing contributor, organised a Road Safety workshop and Basic Life Support seminar for the students of Grades IX and X on 23 July, 2018.

The Project Coordinator of Indian Development Foundation, Mr. Sanjay Ram enlightened the students of the do’s and don’ts on ‘Road Safety’. Actions to be taken before crash, during crash and after crash were dealt with in detail. Statistical data of the deaths caused due to negligence and carelessness were displayed to ponder upon. The students were updated with various traffic signs- like cautionary signs, mandatory signs, and information signs.

Haddon Matrix and factors contributing to the occurrence of a collision and crash causation and ‘blind spots’ were the other areas of focus. Repercussions of not wearing helmets, putting on seat belts and teen driving were also discussed.

This session was followed by a seminar by Dr. Major Shravan MBBS, MD, who gave tips on Basic Life Support that could be taken up during emergencies. He also demonstrated the ways of administering Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and shared the basic First Aid techniques with the students.

A workshop was conducted by Mr. Darpan Vasudev, a motivational speaker on the very important topic,  prevalent in today’s society- the relationship between a mother and a child for the  mothers of Grade I students. Mr. Vasudev’s inputs were indeed welcoming and an eye opener.The workshop highlighted the precious and unique relation the child shares with the mother and how the mother’s advice becomes the child’s inner voice. Children look up to their mother for everything and the role of a mother is very important to give direction to the thought,words and actions of the child.

Only a mother can identify the strong and weak points of  the child and channelize their energies in a constructive manner. Especially, the hyperactive kids need micro attention to keep them engaged and hone their talent further.

The DSE mothers invested their valuable time to attend  the workshop and take home the point that a mother and a child’s relation is above everything and it plays a major role in shaping up the personality of the child and influence their mental state.

“Leaders become great not because of their power,  but because of their ability to empower others.”

A workshop on ‘Leadership’ was conducted for the Student Council by the Academic Director and the school Counsellors together, to empower them to take charge of their responsibilities and help create a healthy supportive environment at school. It was an interactive session with activities that helped students to understand the importance, responsibilities and essential qualities of being a leader.

 It is imperative that these students are to be prepared for the future so that they are ready to take up challenges that come their way.  The responsibilities that they shoulder will help them to lead their peers and help create a disciplined environment at school.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the session and stated to carry their responsibilities efficiently.

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

The Investiture Ceremony sets the right tone for an academic year during which the young leaders not only learn to guide other students, but also create models in leadership for others to emulate. Donning the mantle of accountability, they also pledge to execute their duties to the best of their abilities.

It was indeed a proud moment for DSE Attapur, as the school council members for the academic year 2018-19 were officially assigned powers and positions on 26th June 2018, in the school premises during the 7th Investiture Ceremony of the school.

The ceremony was held with a lot of zeal and zest and commenced with the traditional guard of honour accorded to the Chief Guest Dr. SM Ahmed, Principal Scientific Officer, University of Hyderabad, Chairman Mr. Madhusudan Rao, Vice Chairperson Ms. Shilpa Ravi, Secretary Ms. Rama Devi, Academic Director Ms.Shashikala and the other guests of honour.

The ceremony was also graced by the presence of the principals, vice principal and headmistresses of our sister organisations.

 A soulful prayer song was rendered by the school choir to invoke the blessings of the almighty.

In her welcome address, our Vice Principal, Ms Bharti formally welcomed the Chief Guest and the other honourable guests. This was followed by an adorable Bharathnatyam performance by the tiny tots of grades I and II, that won the hearts of everyone present.

Smartly turned out in uniforms and blazers were the 28 members of the school cabinet, 2018-19 waiting excitedly for the pipping ceremony to begin.  The ceremony began with the Head Boy and Head Girl, followed by the Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl, the Sports Captains, the Discipline Captain and the Cultural Secretary NIE Reporters and finally the mentors and prefects of each house marching forward proudly to  the vigorous beats of the drums. The school council members were conferred upon with sashes and badges by the Chief Guest and other dignitaries and the flags were handed over, a symbolic representation of handing over the responsibility to the new office bearers.

The Chief Guest Dr. SM Ahmed, administered the oath of office and the members of the council pledged to adhere to the values and principles upheld by school.

And then began the spectacular March Past led by the newly inducted school council and the students of the four houses with great ardour.

The Chief Guest Dr. SM Ahmed, in his address to the school cabinet asked them to be good leaders, shouldering responsibility efficiently. He elaborated on the ‘Moon Mission’ of India under the leadership of President Kalam, ISRO Chairman Madhavan Nair and Project Director Anna Durai and spoke about their leadership abilities. He held the audience captive with his inspirational words.

The school choir rendered a stirring song with great vigor and a voice laced with pride and confidence. A young learner, Sreyaansh of grade II gave his perspective of what he expected of the school cabinet. 

The Head Boy and Head Girl in their speech thanked the school for electing them and promised to uphold the values of the school and keep their alma mater’s flag flying high, while discharging their duties honestly and impartially. They also promised to work hard towards living up to the expectations of everyone and work in sync with the mission of the school.

The Principal, speaking on the occasion congratulated the members of the Student Council and advised them to discharge their duties sincerely and nurture their fellow school mates into becoming good leaders in future. The Principal also stressed upon the fact that being a leader is a “responsibility” and not a “privilege”.

A scintillating dance performance on the theme of leadership, goals and aspirations was also performed.

The penultimate moment saw the Cultural Secretary offering a vote of thanks to acknowledge the efforts of all those who were involved in the conduct of the event.

It was a memorable occasion for the young leaders as they look forward to a new and enriching academic session of authority with accountability and above all service.

The event came to an end with the national anthem.

“A parent is a teacher at home and a teacher is a parent in school and the child is the centre of our universe.”

Grades III & IV held their orientation programme for the parents on 23rd June, 2018. The aim was to familiarize the parents, “as partners in progress” with the rules and regulations of the school, curriculum, teaching methodologies and the co-scholastic activities.

The programme commenced with a warm welcome by the III & IV Coordinator Ms. Malathi to the parents, followed by a prayer song. The School Principal, addressed the gathering. In his speech, he laid stress on effective communication between the teachers & the parents and also sought their support and suggestions so that the children could be provided the best for their overall development. He also briefed the parents about the rules and regulations of the school. Later, the III & IV teachers gave an overview of the various subjects like English, II Lang Hindi and Telugu, Math, Science and Social Science which gave the parents an assurance that the curriculum involves self-directed, hands-on learning activities which not only give vent to their creative talents and energies but also help in the all round development of the child.

The School Counsellor, Ms. Homerah urged the parents to spend quality time with their wards and spoke about how this will impact them. The Parent Portal App was also elucidated to the parents by Ms Anupama, the computer faculty. The orientation programme proved to be a sincere effort made by the school in educating the parents to look after and guide their children in a proper manner. It also helped in evolving a common teaching strategy and helped the parents in identifying suitable follow up methods to reinforce the learning process of their children.

Yoga is the buzzword today. It has taken the world by storm. June 21st has been declared as the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General assembly taking cognizance of this invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. The day aims to raise further awareness of the many health benefits of this mental, physical and spiritual practice and promote a holistic approach to wellbeing.

"Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. "

The School celebrated the International Yoga Day on 21st June, 2018 with a special assembly by grade X B students.  The day was bright and sunny, in fact the longest day (Summer Solstice) of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Very aptly the event began with ‘Surya Namaskar’ being performed by the students of grade X B and then it was taken over by the students of Grades VII & VIII. Thereafter a few important asanas like Trikonasana, Tadasana, Vajrasana, Bhujanganasana, Sarvangasana, Dhanurasana, Rajakapotasana, Vrikshasana, Bhujapidasana and many more were presented and their significance was also explained. Many teachers too joined in and were enthusiastic participants.

Another important event that was observed on this day was the World Music Day with a small musical presentation by the students.

The day was a truly special one to be a part of, with so many people coming together to celebrate the power of yoga.

Parent Orientation Programme 2018-19

It is imperative that parents, teachers and students develop together an arrangement to ensure a good beginning. An Orientation program is the arrangement organized to familiarize the parents with the curriculum, teaching methodologies and the evaluation pattern. The orientation program for Grades I & II, Grades V-VIII was held on 9th June, 2018 in the school premises. There was a good turnout of parents for the program. The event began with the school choir rendering the prayer. Thereafter, the Principal welcomed the gathering and appraised the parents with the rules and regulations, scholastic and co scholastic aspects of the school. The subject teachers gave an insight into the curriculum, teaching methodologies and evaluation pattern of their respective subjects. The counsellor invoked the importance of Parents Involvement for the overall development of the child. Ms. Anupama and Ms. Soumya of Computer Department apprised the parents with DSE Parent Portal App and its latest updations. The forum was then opened for the parents to clarify their queries.

June is here…. With great anticipation and excitement, the staff welcomed the little ones of Pre Primary and the students of Grades I to IV to the new academic session 2018-2019. These tiny tots entered the school with joyful expressions on their faces and were eagerly waiting to meet their new teachers. The staff who were diligently waiting for their students are now ready to get back into structure, routine and learning. We wish every Deesian good luck!

Telangana the 29th and the youngest state in the Union of India, celebrated  its statehood day on Saturday 2nd June, 2018 after completing four years since its formation on 2nd June, 2014. Telangana, a word to some but to its inhabitants, the name is a celebration of its rich culture, tradition and diversity.

The school also celebrated the Telangana Formation Day with great vim and vigor. The celebrations began with the hoisting of the National Tricolor by the Principal, Vice Principal and the Headmistress, followed by the melodious rendition of ‘Jai Telangana Jai Jai Telangana’ by our resident songstress R Vandana.  This was followed by informative speeches about the Telangana state by Mr Roopesh from the Social Science department, Head Boy Satwik and Head Girl Shuba Tanaya.

After the speeches the staff and students made Bathukamma and danced around it to the accompaniment of energetic Bathukamma songs.  Bathukamma is a symbol of Telangana’s cultural identity and it heralds the beauty of nature, the collective spirit of its people and the indomitable spirit of its women folk. Hence, Bathukamma is the icon of cultural identity of Telangana.

The Principal, Mr. Augustine Thomas in his address exhorted the students to be as focused towards their goals as the people of Telangana who struggled for a separate state and did not relent till they achieved it.

After the special assembly the students were shown a documentary on the struggle behind the statehood of Telangana. Essay writing and Poster making competitions were also conducted for the students to commemorate the event and prizes were distributed to the winners.

The ambience for the celebrations was set by the staff dressed in resplendent pink and students who participated in the celebrations with great zeal and spirit befitting the occasion.

As a part of World Health Day celebrations, Students enthusiastically participated in the Health Walk which was organised by ZOi Hospitals to promote "Right to Health".