While most are dreaming of success, winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it.

Inter house competitions are held every month for Grades Nursery to X. Groups have been formed from Grades I - X. Theme based competitions are organised. English, Languages, Social Science, Science and Math departments decide on the competitions keeping different levels into account. Soft boards are decorated each month by the four houses based on a given theme. Each house is a storehouse of talent and students participate in the competitions with verve and enthusiasm. A spirit of goodwill, cooperation and brotherhood prevails among all students from different houses despite the tooth and nail fight. At the end of each academic session, rolling trophies are given to the winning houses under Cultural, Literary, Sports and Overall category.

After each competition, students should be able to say, "I’m not competing with anybody but myself. My goal is to beat my last performance. "


Score Board as on 7th February, 2019

House Cultural Sports Literary Total
Knights 94 435 337 866
Samurai 140 498 281 919
Spartans 293 460 389 1142
Trojans 222 550 497 1269

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