Field Trips


Grade III C students enjoyed lunch on with a memorable virtual field trip to the Marine land and Dolphin Adventures, Florida U.S.A.
They enjoyed the trip where they got an opportunity to connect with the sea creatures. They squealed in delight every time they spotted their beloved sea creatures like the sea turtles, bottle nosed dolphins, tiger sharks.
The students saw the facility for under water film studio that has been featured in many movies like Bernie the Dolphin.

Grade X - Aviation Academy

Grade VIII - IX - Plastic Factory

Grade VI-Do Science Park

Grade V- Masqati Diary Factory

Preprimary - Dreamvalley

Grade 3 - Dinosaur Park Field Trip

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The education of students at DelhiSchoolof Excellence Attapur is enriched with the real life activities that link up the classroom learnings with the outside world around them. The little children are taught to be conscious of the external influences apart from their home and school.
A field trip to Balaji Super Market was arranged for grade 1. This trip was a boosting venture that gave them practical knowledge of “shopping” which was otherwise just an English lesson for them. In the first place, they acquired skills of manners and etiquette while interacting with the staff of the market. They learned to clearly identify the different sections of food items as well as other household items. It was a superb experience for the teachers to see their students correctly differentiating between the junk food and the healthy food and proudly recalling what was taught in class. They were excited to know about the health benefits of consuming things. They perfectly grasped the procedure of buying and selling. They were asked to bring a small amount of money with which they could have a real experience in purchasing items from a market. At the end, the billing section, where the cash transactions were done, sparkled up their faces, where they came across their very own “adding up numbers”.
Altogether, it was a day of observing, learning, knowledge application, and exceeding enjoyment for the children.

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FIELD TRIPS 2018 - 2019

Pre Primary Visited Zoo

Pre Primary Visited Dream Valley

Birla Science Plantarium - Grade III

Dream Valley

Escape Water Park-Grades V-VII


Farm Festival - Grade VI

Field Trip to ICRISAT

Field Trip to Shilparamam (Grade-1 & 2)

Salar Jung Museum - Grade VI

Field Trip - Zoo Park

Huda Park - Grade 1 Field Trip

Salarjung Museum - Grade IV Field Trip