Fun with Learning

‘People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.’
At DSE, teachers understand the priorities of the students and also analyze the effectiveness of the activities conducted in the class. Through these activities students learn more, whether it is discussion, practice, review, or application.

Grade X A

Physics Activity

Integrated Project

Coming soon

Grade IX A

Integrated Project

Flower and its Structure

Topic: Constructions

Integrated Project

News Hour

Role Play

Grade VIII 


Newspaper Reading

Collage Work

Integrated Project

Grade VII


Speaking Skill:

Grade VI

Integrated Project:

Poetry Recitation:

Chart Making:

Creative Writing:

Reading Skill:

Chart Making:

Gender Bias:


Grade V

Chart Work

PowerPoint Presentation-Democratic Republic of Congo:

Project Work:

Newspaper Reading:

Writing Skills:

Grade IV

Grade III

Grade II

Nutrition Week

Grade I