Happenings 2017-18

Academic Year 2017-18

The greatest student India ever had “If you want to shine like a sun. First burn like a sun.” - A.P.J Abdul Kalam One minute silence was observed on 27th July, the death anniversary of the 'Missile Man of India' APJ Abdul Kalam, the ex- President of India. He was a man with a vision - the People’s President. His work and life ignited the spirits of the Indians, and his life is a good example for students. DSE pledges to follow the principles of this great leader. Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.

“A parent is a teacher at home and a teacher is a parent in school and the child is the centre of our universe.”

Grades III & IV held their orientation programme for the parents on 24th June, 2017.

The aim was to familiarize the parents ‘as partners in progress’ with the curriculum, rules and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies and the co-scholastic activities,

The programme commenced with a warm welcome by the III & IV Coordinator Ms. Malathi, followed by a prayer song. The School Principal, addressed the gathering. In his speech, he laid stress on effective communication between the teachers and the parents and also sought their support and suggestions so that the children could be provided the best for their overall development. He also briefed the parents about the rules and regulations of the school. Later, the teachers gave an overview of the various subjects such as English, II Lang Hindi and Telugu, Math Science and Social Science which gave the parents an assurance that the curriculum involves self-directed, hands-on learning activities which not only give vent to their creative talents and energies but also help in the holistic development of the child. The orientation programme proved to be a sincere effort made by the school in educating the parents to look after and guide their children in a proper manner. It also helped in evolving a common teaching strategy and helped the parents in identifying suitable follow up methods to reinforce the learning process of their children.  Ms Veena Janjirala of Computer department apprised the parents with DSE Parent Portal App. The programme ended with a video presentation on ‘Positive Parenting’ and answering the queries and concerns of the parents.

Grade III - IV

Pre Primary


The ultimate aim of yoga is physical and mental development; and self-realization. At DSE we recognize the importance of this tool to realign and rebalance our mind and body on a regular basis. International Yoga Day was observed on 21st June in the morning assembly with a display of different asanas like Padmasana, Vajrasana, Chakrasana, Gomukhasana, Ardhahalasana, Halasana, Ardhachakrasana, Utrasana, Dhanurasana, Shirshasana, and many more. The emphasis was on how Yoga embodies unity of mind and body.  A few students took the lead and displayed these asanas on the dais and the assemblage of students including the staff followed them. An introduction to the International Yoga Day and the relevance of yoga in this contemporary world was given. The benefits of the various poses were shared.

The CBSE initiating the practice of inculcating Yoga as a part of the syllabus has been accepted whole heartedly. Students from Grade I to X participated in the Yoga Day celebrations which was a revitalising experience.


The New School Governing Body is all set to hold the mantle of responsibility. DSE Family congratulates the leaders and wishes them a successful journey of leadership.


  " Let each one of us shine like a diamond and be precious amidst all."

  • - Aimaan Ahmed, X-Head Boy

"Thumb's Up is a sign of positivity. Hence, let's be positive and stay confident."

- Varsha P, X-Head Girl

"A true leader doesn't command his team to do work. He works with them, inspires them and leads them to victory."

  • - Ankush Thalla, IX-Deputy Head Boy

"Just as this Dragon Warrior believed in the strength of inner peace, I believe in mine and intend to seek the same from you all."

-Shubha Tanaya, IX - Deputy Head Girl

"100% Sports = Determination + Dedication + Discipline + Dynamism."

-Shivam Inani, X - Sports Captain Boys

      "Just like a Pole Star shows and shines all the way, I too shall shine and lead my school in the field of sports." -Ravina Royal, X- Sports Captain Girls

"Let's accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."

  • -Nishchit B, X - Discipline Captain

  "Let's join hands to scale greater heights in the field of discipline." -Diwakar Sastry, IX - Deputy Discipline Captain  

"Leadership is about taking responsibilities and not making excuses."

-Juveria Akthar, X-Cultural Secretary

"The Art of communication is the language of leadership."

-M. Sai Prathiti, IX - Deputy Cultural Secretary

House Cabinet Members
Captain G Vishnu Priya, X
Vice Captain Koena Mazumdar, IX
Prefect Anushta Choudary, VIII
Captain B Tarun Sarma, X
Vice Captain Ananya Vaish, IX
Prefect Sri Nikitha, VIII
Captain Vansh Gupta, X
Vice Captain P Nimisha Rajashri, IX
Prefect Uthkarsh T, VIII
Captain Simran Goel, X
Vice Captain Manpreet Kaur, IX
Prefect Sanjotha B, VIII



The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

 Martin Luther King, Jr.


Yoga with the aim for physical and mental development is introduced at DSE from this year.

Collaborative Learning Unveils Bountiful Strength

DSE reaches and touches the root level in order to discover & polish every skill a child is blessed with.

DSE provides a scintillating opportunity in the form of various club activities, bearing the multiple intelligence in mind.

Participation in Club activities enables students to develop talents that find diminutive expression in the four walls of a structured classroom.

The uniqueness of each club is linked to every child’s intelligence.

 icon-hand-rightClub Activities

Visual and Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts plays a significant role in DSE curriculum as it promotes attitudes such as empathy and appreciation. These kinds of arts help students to understand the uniqueness of each person as well as explore the common traits that connect us. Through art, music and performances, teachers help students to construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world. These teachers encourage students to constantly assess how the activity is helping them gain understanding. This gives Deesians ever-broadening tools to keep learning.

Education must provide the means and opportunities to enhance the child’s creative outer shell and the capacity of aesthetic appreciation. Thus, we at DSE have devised a plan to enable the learner to escalate beauty in elite forms. Students on the campus draw on a wide range of stimuli. The school sensitizes the students towards aesthetic sensibility and gradually channelizes them to learn performing arts such as music, dance, and art.

icon-hand-right Visual Performing Art Activities 

Work Experience

DSE is a beautiful place to learn. It provides the Deesians with the skills and experience they need to fulfill their potential. It is a place where they are given the support to create original work.

Well, hands- on learning takes place in a Work Experience session. Students can choose from a range of activities such as Krafty Kids, Master Chef, Wealth out of Waste, One Stroke Painting, Textile Designing, Embroidery & Crochet and Gardening. The mentors guide them in a step by step approach so as to ensure good learning. The outcome can be seen in the form of the products they formulate at the end of each session.

icon-hand-right Work Experience Activities

Our school students were chosen to record a song for the Animation movie 'Jugnu', which was composed by Eminent Music Director, Singer, Actor RP Patnaik.

Sayonara- Phir milenge chalte chalet, an incredible and unforgettable farewell was organized by the Grade IX students for their beloved seniors, the 2017-18 batch of Grade X on 14th February.  Farewells are not just occasions to bid good bye, but a day chosen to wish ‘Fair-well in Life’ and they did everything to make their seniors feel on cloud nine with great enthusiasm and off course nostalgia.

With perennial affection pouring out for their seniors, the juniors presented a fitting farewell for their beloved seniors. The fiesta started with great excitement and merriment, as the stars of the day strode into the hall dressed up in their glamorous best. The boys looked dashing in their formals and the girls, who never fail to put on a show, were draped in gorgeous gowns.

The programme started at 2.00 pm with a prayer followed by a floral welcome for the dignitaries and the stars of the show i.e. the students of grade tenth. The secretary Ms. Rama Devi, Academic Director, Ms. Shashikala, Administrator, Ms. Reshmi graced the occasion. The special guest and judge for the day was Ms. Priya Satpathy, the Managing director of Touchstone Trans Media and also the owner of  Choc 'O' Belle. An inspirational speech and best wishes were bestowed by the Academic Director, Ms. Shashikala for their upcoming exams. The teachers teaching grade tenth dedicated a poem which contained a panegyric for each student. There was a Powerpoint presentation to reminisce the joyous moments spent at school and best wishes from the juniors who couldn’t make it to the event.

The ninth graders left no stones unturned to entertain their seniors. They gave scintillating dance performances and pulsating music rocked the ambience. Games were conducted to pep up the atmosphere.

Mementoes with titles conferred, which were engraved on it showed their gesture of love.  Ramp walk was the first round for the Mr. and Ms DSE contest and the stages was lit on fire by the adorable beauties and the winsome hunks. The next round was the interaction round where the judges asked them questions to which they had to answer crisply and aptly and the third round the final four winners had to write the answers to the question posed by the judges.

Varsha was declared the Ms. DSE and Nischith as Mr.DSE. Diksha Goyal was adjudged Ms. Gorgeous and Aimaan Ahmed as Mr. Charming. This was followed by a cake cutting ceremony along with the dignitaries. The hall was filled with fun, merriment and schmaltz. The Head Boy and the Head girl gave their farewell speeches and the outgoing batch of tenth gave a huge clock to the school which represents ‘time’. Finally the day ended dancing to the tune of Marfa which all of them enjoy. It was truly a memorable one. 

National Science Day was celebrated on the theme 'Health & Nutrition- Go Grow & Glow'.

To commemorate the death anniversary of the Father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi a small skit was presented in the morning assembly by the students of Grade III D. A message was given to the students and two minutes’ silence was observed as a mark of respect.

The 69th Republic Day which is celebrated in grandeur across the country had a splash of it at DSE, Attapur in no less splendour or glory. The flag was hoisted by the Academic Director, Ms. Shashikala along with Ms. Reshmi, the administrator, Mr. Augustine, the Principal and Head Mistress Ms. Lakshmi Gowri.  

The choir dedicated a melodious rendition Hindustan Meri Jaan which enlivened the spirits of the audience. Jessica Alexander and Kunjana Ganguly mirrored their thoughts on the importance of Republic day. The story behind the significance of the day was well portrayed and an emotional connect was made through their speeches.  Sri Charith of grade II played a patriotic number on the keyboard and mesmerised the audience with his innate ability to play the instrument.

‘Fit India Happy India’ was the message brought forth by the Pre-primary students through a scintillating fusion dance. Aradhya of PP II swayed to another patriotic melody capturing the mood very well. Students of Grade II gave a zealous performance and brought in patriotic fervour all around.  The performance on the national song Vande Mataram by grade VII students was indeed worthy of a salute.

The depiction of the National Insignia was the highlight of the programme. It was a delight to watch the students on skates displaying the national flag, emblem, song, animal, bird, flower, fruit, tree, river, game, aquatic animal and the sweet along with the parallel information that was narrated giving the audience an insight into the significance of the national symbols of India. Mr. Roopesh of the Social Science department gave additional inputs into the making of the constitution. Jai Bharath, Jai Ganatranth echoed through the venue.

 The students who contributed generously to IDF, the school’s social initiative and the teachers who motivated the students to collect the highest amount for the charity work were also honoured on this occasion. 

The Principal in his address reminded the students about the sovereignty of the nation and the importance of our constitution.

Republic Day is just not a national holiday but a day to salute the great contributors of the constitution who took 2 years 11 months and 18 days to make the longest constitution for this great country.  The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of freedom and unity.

Festivals are a mark of our culture. They define our traditions.

Sankranthi  which marks the beginning of the harvest season was celebrated on the 9th of January in school premises. The doorway of the school was decorated with colourful Rangoli.

Fun and frolic marked the occasion with the students of Grade IV presenting the assembly under the guidance of the Telugu department. Students were introduced to how Sankranthi is celebrated and they were acquainted of the Telugu culture. Importance of the festival and the praxis followed were well-presented.  

A harvest dance, where in farmers offer prayers to the natural elements like soil, rain, and fire as it provides for the harvest was also well presented.  The stage was delightfully decorated with rangoli, paddy and sugarcane stems. A small mock bonfire was also displayed and children danced around it to show how the veneration to the provider is done on this auspicious day.  

A light depiction of the story of Haridasu who goes around with a decorated, colourfully-dressed cow, singing songs praising of Lord Vishnu was also well portrayed. This singer does not talk to anyone while singing praises to Hari or Lord Vishnu but offers benediction to people who give him alms in the form of grains and other items for the festival. The ambiance created through this presentation was lauded and enjoyed by all.

Traditional sweets made of jaggery and sesame seeds were distributed to the staff in order to mark it as an integral part of the festival.

The five S’s of sports training are: Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill and Spirit; but the greatest of these is Spirit.

  Hence, the name Spirit O Thon is synonymous to our students’ spirit who were always seen striding forward with sporting spirit till the curtains came down once for all.

Spirit O Thon – The much awaited Intramural Sports Meet was held at the magnificent Gachibowli Stadium on 9th December, 2017 amidst great exhilaration, verve and camaraderie. The fantastic turnout of the parents and the pleasant weather were the perfect boost for the participants. The Chief Guest Mr. Kamesh Rao, CEO of GMR Airport Developers limited and the Guests of Honour Mr. Maxwell Trevor, an Indian Cyclist, Mr. Nalin Kumar a reputed advocate, Chairman Sri P Madhusudhan Rao, Vice Chairperson Ms. Shilpa Ravi, Secretary Ms. Rama Devi, Academic Director Ms. Shashikala, Administrator Ms. Reshmi Shenoy and other dignitaries graced the occasion.

A melodious prayer song was rendered by the school choir to invoke the blessings of the Almighty. Thereafter, the Chief Guest and the Guests of Honour were introduced to the august gathering by the Headmistress Ms. Lakshmi Gowri.

This was followed by the unveiling of the mascot of the sports festival - SPIRITO by the Chief Guest and the other dignitaries. The Chief Guest was then escorted to unfurl the school flag which was followed by a spectacular, impressive, and a well synchronized March Past by the four House contingents and the DSE band. Subsequently, the Sports Captain administered oath to the School Council Leaders.

This was entailed by the declaration of the Sports Meet open by the Chief Guest, marking the commencement of the ceremony, followed by the lighting the torch that was carried by ten of our sports gems who have done the school proud in various sporting events and the releasing of balloons gave a pleasing beginning to the event.

And then the audience witnessed a breathtaking parade and a colorful collage of tableaus presented by the four houses against the backdrop of the live performances by the students corresponding to the moving exhibits. The focus of the tableaus were heritage games such as Archery, Chess, fusion of Yoga and Bharatanatyam, and Kalaripayattu and how these games are still holding fort and have assumed modern status.

The Principal, Mr Augustine Thomas presented the school report accompanied by the Head Boy, Aimaan Ahmed and the Head Girl Varsha and gave us an insight into the academic and non-academic activities of the school.

Next, the students of Grade X were felicitated with medals for being the Best Orator, Best in Sports and Best Outgoing Student.  The trophies were given to the Best House in Culturals, Literary, March Past and Tableau Display.

The Chief Guest, in his address lauded the Sports Day event and stated that it was perfect and that he could gauge the pains and efforts taken by teachers and students for such a flawless presentation. He congratulated the Principal and the entire team for the event. He further added that students must orient themselves with the happenings of the world and that the parents and teachers must take care to inculcate moral values in children.

Thereafter began the most captivating aspect, embellishing the event, which were the splendid field displays, involving mass student participation, that splashed on the field, a riot of hues and vibrancy of props and costumes. The displays started with Opening Spark by the Nursery students, Blooming Blossoms by the Pre Primary tots, Charming Champs by Grades I and II, Sparkling Stars by students of Grades III and IV, Power Pedals-Zumba by students of Grades V and VI, and Maypole and Hoola Hoops by Grades VII-IX. Prowess in Taekwondo and Gymnastics were also showcased by students ranging from Grades III-IX.

The displays were interspersed by the track events that included races for the Pre-Primary, Primary, middle school and seniors. 4×100 meters relay race was held for both boys and girls of the Senior and middle school level.  In the athletic events the competition among the students soared through the roof.

The Grand Finale proved to be the show stopper of the evening which was a mélange of the events presented.

The Chairman Sri P Madhusudhan Rao sir gave away the final set of prizes. The Knights were adjudged the Best House in Sports. The Trojans were adjudged the overall Best House.

Vote of Thanks was proposed by Ms. Siji Alexander wherein she acknowledged the efforts of all those who were involved in the making of this grand event.

In the Closing Ceremony, the School flag was lowered and handed over to the Principal, after a slow march, by the school prefects and the Meet was declared closed by the Chairman Sri P Madhusudhan Rao.

It was a day filled with sportsmanship, enthusiasm and many memories to cherish.

The programme came to an end with the rendition of National Anthem.

“It’s Christmas time again... a time of happiness, love and joy!”

The whole school took a festive turn on 20th December. It started with carol singing in the morning assembly and the merriment continued till the end of the day. Christmas comes with the message of peace, love, joy, share and care.

The sparkling stars of Pre-Primary celebrated in a very innovative and blissful way. It was a feast to eyes to watch the students of PP-I as Christmas trees. The boys of PP-II performed a Zumba dance, which was full of energy and zeal.  The lovely little girls danced to the tune of “Jingle Bells.....”,  one of the most popular songs without which the celebration would have been incomplete. The stage was ideally decorated, which projected the message of the festival.

Grades I & II regaled in jubilation and the giggles, jingled and resounded the corridors of the school.  A short film on the birth of Jesus Christ was shown. The overall atmosphere was festive and children enjoyed to their maximum core.

ప్రపంచ తెలుగు మహాసభలు  ఆధునిక కాలంలో సాంకేతిక విజ్ఞానము అభివృద్ధి చెందడము వలన అంతరించి పోతున్న మన తెలంగాణా సంస్కృతి సంప్రదాయాలకు అద్దం పట్టే విధంగా ఉన్నాయి. తెలుగు భాషామతల్లికి యాసలన్నీ మణిహారాలు. అలంటి మన తెలంగాణా యాసలతో కూడిన మన కవులు, సాహితీవేత్తల ప్రసంగాలు ఆహుతులను ఎంతగానో ఆకట్టుకున్నాయి.ఇవి కవులకు,కళాకారులకు సాహితీవేత్తలకు వేదికగా నిలిచాయి.

తెలంగాణా సాంస్కృతిక వైభవాల గురించి తెలుసుకోవడం వలన మన ఆత్మవిశ్వాసం ద్విగుణీకృతం అవుతుంది. తెలంగాణా ప్రజలు కదన రంగంలోనే కాక కవనరంగంలో గూడా అద్భుతమైన సృజనాశక్తి కలవారని నిరూపిస్తున్నారు. భాషాపరమైన వివక్ష, ఆధిపత్యాన్ని తొలగించుకుంటూ, తెలంగాణా భాషా సౌందర్యాన్ని, యాసల పరిమళాలను వెల్లివిరుస్తున్నాయి.

భవిష్యత్తులో మన తెలంగాణ ప్రగతిపథంలో పయనించడానికి బాటలువేసే మన చిన్నారులను ఎంతో ప్రభావితం చేసే విధంగా ఈ కార్యక్రమాలు ఉన్నాయి. ఇలనాటి కార్యక్రమాలలో పాలుపంచుకోవడం అదృష్టంగా భావిస్తున్నాము. ఎంతగానో ఆనందం  కలిగింది. అతిరథ మహారథులను ప్రత్యక్షంగా చూసే అవకాశం కలిగినందుకు ఎంతో మానసికానందం కలిగింది.

"There's nothing more contagious than the laughter of young children; it doesn't even have to matter what they're laughing about."

This saying was proved right on Children’s Day -14th November, when the students were given a day to cherish, a day to make memories and a day that will be remembered by them for a long time – Bonne Fete, 2017. There were only smiles, laughter, chuckles, giggles, chortles and mirth in the entire campus.

Students, the stars of the day dressed up in their best, were treated to a fun filled day of games, entertainment and food.  In the morning there was a special assembly with a short presentation by teachers that included a mime act, dance, a message by Nehru himself and the Principal Augustine Thomas.

Thereafter the Fete was inaugurated by the Head Boy and Head Girl and that set the ball rolling.

The Game stalls with games like Ring the object, Bowl it right, Balloon game, Computer games etc. were a huge attraction among the students.

Entertainment arena with the live puppet show, Dance floor, Photo booth, Mehendi, Tattoos, Juke box, etc. had the students asking for more.

The Scary House was easily the most sought out area by the students. The crowds here had to be seen to be believed. Right from the moment it opened at 10 am to 12.30pm when it wound up, the queues here did not lessen. The students literally freaked out in the Scary House as promised in the promo.

The Food Court had a wide choice for the children with ice creams, Pani puri, Bhel, Paav Bhaji, Sandwiches, French Fries, Smileys, Manchurian, Noodles, Juices, Corn, Chocolate Fountain, Fryums,  Aloo Bhajjis to name a few.

The students with coupons in their hands went berserk at each counter and some of them ran out of items in a very short time.

The Juke Box near the food counter provided a great ambience and the students had a gala time dedicating songs to their favourite people while munching on food and enjoying ice creams or chocolate fountain.

The students when asked about their day came up with adjectives like exciting, fabulous, awesome, the best children’s day and so on; the best reward for the teachers.

The management and staff toiled and spared no efforts to make the day a memorable one for the dear stars of DSE.

On 13th November the teachers of Grades I and II and the Pre Primary put up a special programme for the tiny Deesians which was enjoyed by them thoroughly.

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales."

Delhi School of Excellence transformed into a fairy tale kingdom on 31st October, 2017 as the students of Grade II clad themselves in capes and crowns to celebrate ‘Haven O Fairies’ which honoured everything fantasy and magical. It was also one of the big events in the school calendar! Pirates, princesses, witches, wizards and more made an appearance on this magical day filled with colour, wonder and fun! 

The students depicted different Disney and Indian fairy tales such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Princess on the Pea, Rapunzel and The Princess Farmer in the form of skits and dances. They also introduced unknown characters such as the eighth dwarf in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Lucifer cat in Cinderella and so on. A few Indian women who have made India proud by their exceptional achievements were depicted as the Indian fairies.

Parents were awestruck by the outstanding performance of the drummer boy, Joel who presented an exceptional performance on his drums.

The main aim of the mega event is to promote reading skills through fairy tales and other story books. By doing so, the students get immersed themselves in books and let their imagination run free.


Teachers are the cornerstones of future and act as foundation for creating responsible citizens and good human beings.When life wanted to bless, it gave you a teacher. They are the ultimate gift of God. Teacher’s day is celebrated to dedicate this day to a zealous advocate of education and one of the greatest scholars and teachers of all times, the first Vice President and the second President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

On Sept 1st 2017, School celebrated Teachers’ Day with a lot of zeal and zest. Students looked forward to this day with a lot of anticipation, for the sheer spirit of the occasion. The programmes for the teachers were planned and arranged by the students ranging from grades VII-X. The events of the programme were a total surprise and were planned under the supervision of the Head boy and the Head girl.

Songs glorifying the role of teachers in our life and dances depicting their importance were dedicated to our ever-patient and enthusiastic teachers. A fun-filled mime which delivered a secret unsaid message for our dear teachers was well received. There were many games organized by the students of grade VIII for the teachers after every segment of entertainment. To the surprise of the students each and every teacher participated without a dither keeping up the spirit. They were truly demonstrative of the adage ‘Winning is not everything, participation matters.’ They demonstrated what they preached.

A skit on different types of teachers a student meets in his/her life time was presented. It was far from any teacher working in the school and generally on the traits peculiarly noticed. Their love and dedication were illustrated through an array of programmes organized for their teachers.  This was a day where they could show how much they loved their teachers. Teacher's Day is a tribute to the hard work and devotion of the teachers all year long.

The teacher on their part had a day-long celebration on 4th September where all the teachers from the three branches of DSE group of Institutions came together and had a fun filled programme followed by lunch.

The Jungle Book- Rudyard Kipling’s much loved creation was the theme for the Grades III & IV Academic Fair. The theme of jungle was omnipresent and was integrated with academic subjects like English, Hindi, Telugu, Math, Science and Social Science and non academic areas like Art & Craft, Games, Computer, Dance and Music.

The jungle ambience was brought alive by the décor and students in animal costumes. All the rooms were turned into miniature jungles. The novel names for the subjects like Jungle Saga –English, Jungle Mein Mangal- Hindi, Jungle Yatra-Telugu, Jungle Safari- Science, Jungle Magic- Math, Jungle Canopy- Social Science, Jungle Doodle- Art, Jungle Move- Dance, Jungle Fun- Games and Jungle Feast- Computer brought in a flavor of their own.

The event was inaugurated by Ms. Shilpa Ravi, the Vice Chairperson of DSE group of institutions. She was accompanied by dignitaries like Ms Rama Devi, the Secretary, Ms Shashikala, the Academic Director, Ms Reshmi, the Administrator, Principal, Mr. Augustine Thomas, Headmistress,  Lakshmi Gouri and invitees from the sister organizations. A prayer song marked the opening of the event and then appeared Mowgli, our tour guide to conduct us through the rooms.

Various aspects of jungle were showcased in the different rooms like the story of Jungle Book, types of jungles, products from jungles, wildlife, terrarium, endangered species, deforestation, global warming etc. and messages on saving trees, wildlife, environment and so on. The students breathed life into characters like Mowgli, Sher Khan, Bagheera, Baloo etc. The dance show on the theme of ‘Save Panda’ was much appreciated and was a great crowd puller.

The event was well received by the dignitaries, parents and everyone who had an opportunity to view it. All in all an enriching experience.

The Stark Facts

  • 25% of India is turning into desert.
  • In 15 years, we may have only half the water we need for our survival.
  • The Ganga is one of the most endangered rivers in the world.
  • The Godavari was dry along much of its length last year.
  • The Kaveri has lost 40% of its flow. Krishna and Narmada have lost around 60%.

Due to the pressures of population and development, our perennial rivers are becoming seasonal. Many of the smaller rivers have already vanished. Flood as well as drought are becoming increasingly frequent as rivers turn unruly during the monsoon, and vanish once the rainy season is over.

It is said that if ever a Third World War happens it will be for water. Certainly a wakeup call for us. Time we took this seriously and find measures to avert this catastrophe.

Rally for Rivers is a nationwide awareness campaign to revive our rivers. Conceived by Sadhguru, the campaign will travel through 16 states in 30 days covering 7000 kms.

DSE Attapur along with their Secretary Rama Devi, Administrator Reshmi, Principal Augustine Thomas, HM Lakshmi Gowri and staff pledged their support to the rally. They raised slogans with catchy messages and placards and took the oath not to pollute the rivers. 


 "We might be different but we are one as Indians”

Celebrating the surpassing beauty of togetherness and capturing the quintessence of Unity in Diversity, Grade I students ‘Cultural carnival’- A mélange of Joy and Reverence on 31st August, 2017. The programme started with a prayer followed by a breathtaking performance by a Grade II student who played on the drums.

“Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day’’

Unity in Diversity is a socio-ecological philosophy that describes a sense of oneness despite physical and psychological barriers. It has been said that India is a land of “UNITY IN DIVERSITY.” There are several religions, several communities and castes, several languages and different lifestyles in different regions.

The students presented a variety of dance encompassing a vibrant display of colours, festivity and nationalism. They were dressed in different cultural attires, depicting their view of Unity in Diversity. Through these dances, the students stressed that cultural differences should not separate us from each other rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all humanity.

The aim of this carnival was to foster in our children an understanding that the entire humanity is one family irrespective of geographical, racial or linguistic barriers.

The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks.


 What is the role of leadership or the qualities of a good leader? Of course there are many books and workshops on the topic. Researchers who try to describe and predict good leaders disagree about many critical elements, however, they agree on many as well. Personal traits are important, acquired skills are important, and the situation for leadership is important. Some of the key concepts of leadership requirements are:

  • Commitment, perseverance, dedication
  • Risk-taking
  • Communication skills

Leadership training and development can maximize productivity, shape a positive culture and promote harmony. In order to inculcate these skills and qualities in the Student Council a leadership workshop was conducted by the school counselor Ms. Shivani. The workshop highlighted the qualities of a good leader through a power point presentation and an interesting activity. The Student Council was made to realize the importance of their post and what their role was in the school. They were also exhorted to be exemplary in their behavior and be responsible role models. All in all it was a fruitful session.

“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

15th of August, is not just the time for the country to pay tribute to our freedom fighters and to honor and recognize the efforts of our brave army in whose hands we have been secure, but also to take a strong pledge, to contribute whole heartedly towards the development of the country and to keep it free of social and economic vices. It is our supreme duty to preserve the values of our country for which many have laid down their lives. Our school celebrated the 71st Independence Day of the nation with a difference by dedicating the ceremony to the Quit India Movement as we are commemorating the 75th year of this milestone event of our freedom movement.

The celebration started with the Vande Mataram song, dedicated to the martyrs of our nation, followed by the flag hoisting done by the august dignitaries; the Academic Director Shashikala, Principal Augustine Thomas and the Headmistress Lakshmi Gowri.

The definition of ‘independence’ has undergone a drastic change today. Before 1947, it meant freedom from the foreign rule. We revelled in the newly attained freedom but along with it came responsibilities. Today our responsibilities have taken a different gear. Manpreet Kaur of Grade IX in her speech on the occasion of Independence Day spoke about the clarion call given by Mahatma Gandhi to “Do or Die”. She struck a chord between the past and present, calling the attention of the younger generation of today, to contribute their part to weave a sense of equity, justice and honour among the Indians. A pledge was administered to the students to rid India of communalism, casteism, racism, poverty etc.

Aradhya Singh of preprimary, a young citizen of developing India shared her views on ‘New India’ and Joel Joy of Grade II played a patriotic song on the drums.

A silent saga, a MIME on ‘Women Empowerment’ depicting the role of women in building our society was the next programme.

The school choir entertained the audience with an inspirational song, followed by a street play drawing attention to ‘Corruption’, a big curse in the development of any country. It ended with the message by Gandhiji ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ and say ‘No to corruption.’

India is known for its rich culture and tradition. To revive the cultural connect of India among the students a folk dance competition was held. The four houses presented dance forms from the North, South, East and Western part of India. The grace and the elegance of our roots can hardly be compared to any other dance forms around the world. Garo from Nagaland, Koli from Maharashtra, Thithmi from Tamilnadu and Dogri from Kashmir mesmerized the audience. The house that took the honors was the Spartans house with their Garo dance and second place was bagged by Samurai with their Koli dance.

Mr. Augustine Thomas, the Principal gave an inspirational speech and motivated the students to be responsible citizens and contribute to the development of India. According to him small contributions in its own little ways can contribute greatly towards nation building.

The programme ended with a pledge to dedicate our lives to our country’s progress.

“Chess provides entertainment, relaxation and  intellectual exercise. It also optimizes the competitive and improvement ability of children.”

To appreciate the same, the 4th edition of ‘Winning Moves’,  the  Inter School Chess Championship  was held on 9th and 10th August, 2017 respectively. It gave the enthusiastic participants an opportunity to test and showcase their skills.

The two - day Chess festival attracted around 300 chess playing school children from around 26 schools - indeed an overwhelming response.

The inaugural ceremony held on 9th August began on an auspicious note with the traditional lighting of the lamp followed by a prayer song. The Chief Guest of the day Sri K A Siva Prasad, Vice President  Telangana State Chess Association, Telangana State. In his address he stated the importance of playing chess and also shed light on the origin of the game. The audience was also regaled with a motivational song and an energetic dance performance.

The prizes up for grabs were ‘a rolling trophy’  for the winners in the seniors and juniors category and ‘a cash award of Rs.4000.’ The runners up could take home a cash award of Rs. 2000 in both the categories. 

Apart from this, there were two prizes each in the senior and junior category for the ‘Most Promising Player’ of the tournament.

The two day tournament saw a keen battle of minds, intelligent moves and resonance of ‘checkmates’.  Arbiters and other personnel had their hands full of children playing at one place; nevertheless, they handled their work exceptionally well.

The valedictory ceremony held on 10th August, saw the winners being awarded. The honours were done by the Chief Guest Dr. Riteish Kunyakari, Associate Professor and Chairperson of Azim Premji School of Education (TISS), Telangana State, Sri Madhusudan Rao, Chairman DSE group of institutions , Rama Devi Maam  Secretary, Shashikala Maam Academic Director, Reshmi Maam Administrator, Augustine Thomas Principal DSE Attapur and Headmistress M. Lakshmi Gowri.

Glendale Academy emerged as the overall champion among the senior category while it was the Phoenix Green school of Learning who were among the Juniors.