The Pre Primary aims to nurture each child’s potential, through love, care and encouragement. The early years have a crucial influence on later development and learning. Early childhood foundation makes a great difference to the future achievements of children. Whether our children become self-motivated learners and face the world with confidence, depends to a great extent on the stimulation, guidance and nurturing they receive early in life. 

Theme based competitions are held every month to build the confidence of learners. Field trips to interesting places are organized regularly. Special days are celebrated with great pomp and show throughout the year.


Clay Molding

Grade: Nursery

Name Grade Position
Nayan Agarwal Nursery I
Reyansh Vadeghar Nursery II
Lakhi Mamdi Nursery III


Olympic Funday

Grade: Nursery

Name Grade Position
G. Aarav Reddy Nursery I
Nayan Agarwal Nursery II
Dhruv Agarwal Nursery III


Grade:PP I

Name Section Position
Asharib Mohiuddin A I
Sakshi A II
Bushra Fatima A III
Kevin Bintu Thomas B I
Vidhan Kasat B II
Arhram Ullah B III
S. Jasvinder Singh C I
Jaron Fernandes C II
Rion Chris Talari C III
Sairoop V. S C III


Grade:PP 2

Name Section Position
Nihal Tadikonda A I
Khyathi Singh A II
Naman Agarwal A III
Syeda Ruqaiya Fatima B I
Keerthan Goud. D B II
Rania Noor B III
Hitashi Sharma C I
Vibuthi Loukya C II
Divyanthi Agarwal C III
Manan Jain D I
Austin Enoch Paul. P D II
Yogitha D III
Ishaana Rawat E I
Abhyudaya Shriyam E II
Preesha Jha E III


Recitation Competition

Grade: PP I

Name Grade Position
N. V.V. M. Thanya A I
Mohammed Abdul
Vaishalini N. C A III
Rudransh B I
Kevin Bintu Thomas B II
Mahi Agarwal B III
Samaira Sinha C I
Diviksha Agarwal C II
Shristi Daga C III

Grade: PP II

Name Grade Position
Dhruv Agarwal Nursery I
Shreyansh Reddy Nursery II
Thrilokya Sunku Nursery III


Show and Tell Competition

Grade: PP II

Name Grade Position
Avyan Banerjee PP I A I
Mohammed Abdul Mannan PP I A II
Thanya PP I A III
Bushra Fatima PP I A III
Rudransh Maharana PP I B I
Yeshasvi Mohanty PP I B II
Kevin Bintu Thomas PP I B III
Bhavishya Tibrewal PP I C I
Shristhi Daga PP I C II
Rion Chris Talari PP I C III


Best out of Waste

Grade: PP II

Name Grade Position
Khyathi Singh A I
Anzilla C II
Naman Agarwal A III
Kushal A III

Drawing Competition

Field Trips

Educational Trip to Zoo

Special Days

Open House Meeting

The 2nd open house meeting was organised by the Pre-Primary wing on 11th February 2019. The aim of the event was to make the parents familiarize with the teaching procedures adopted by the teachers in the classroom through fun ways.

Unique activities were chosen by the teachers to inculcate the learning of the concepts in all the subjects that were displayed in innovative play way methods. Children enthusiastically explained the concepts to their parents.

Keeping the motor developments of the child in mind with the appropriate knowledge of the concept, each class was set with educational yet fun filled floor activities which was the USP of this session. The parents were truly satisfied and happy to see their ward’s involvement in learning the concepts.

Christmas-Celebration of joy….

Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way.
Oh! What fun it is to ride
on a one-horse open sleigh

The Pre-Primary kids celebrated Christmas with great zeal and vigour. The auditorium was filled with colourfully themed decor and children were ready to revel in the day of joy and happiness along with the dignitaries and teachers. The festivities started with prayer and ended with memories of the joyful celebration. The children dressed in their best danced, sang carols and enacted a small Christmas story. They exchanged gifts amongst each other to foster the feeling of sharing and caring. The biggest surprise was the Santa himself who with his arrival spread the Christmas cheer and brought smiles on the faces of little ones by distributing cakes and chocolates. The day ended with all the kids and teachers dancing away in gay abandon. A true celebration of the festival!!!!!

Dandiya Utsav was held on 8th October by Pre Primary wing to celebrate the occasion of Navarathri. The students were all dressed up in brightly coloured costumes as part of this celebration. The teachers explained to the students why the festival is celebrated through an act. They were told that this festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil and is dedicated to goddess Durga. The famous dance dandiya associated with Navarathri was performed by the students, teachers and some enthusiastic mothers. The students were excited and enjoyed the dandiya garba raas. All the students and parents had a great time.

A preschool Pajama Party is a fun classroom activity that provides young children with the opportunity to develop their social skills in a large group setting.

The Pre Primary wing enjoyed a Pajama Day on 5th October. It is a day that children are thrilled with- they love the novelty of wearing their pajamas to school and seeing all their classmates and teachers do the same! Some children were found wondering whether they needed to sleep right away. Many others were proud of their pajamas and some even brought along their favourite bedtime stories and toys.

The regular morning routine was replaced with a series of special activities including mattress games, bedtime stories and learning about the importance of sleep in their life. The children also did some night-time themed artwork with lots of stars and moons on display. Teachers enacted a story that was enjoyed by the children very much.

The day was a novel experience and certainly gave the children a lot to think about. To conclude the pajama party, we bid the sleepyheads a good rest that night.


The students of PP I A role played as farm animals in a special assembly conducted on the topic ‘Farm animals’. The popular rhyme ‘Old McDonald’ was recited and the children danced on the rhythm of the rhyme. The students were dressed up in different costumes of farm animals and spoke about the importance and the uses of farm animals. The assembly was colorful and informative.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” 
Mahatma Gandhi

An environment related event “Eco culture” was held on 21st July, 2018 by the Pre-Primary students. The little Deesians presented the event with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. The aim of the event was to sensitize the students towards their role in addressing environmental challenges at the grass root level.

Many pertinent issues related to environment such as- unhealthy surroundings, junk food, deforestation, pollution of rivers and the concerns associated with endangered species were all taken up in this event. Students participated collectively in all the activities showcased in the form of dance, radio shows, debates, songs, street play, on the spot craft and paintings.

Apart from this, the magic of creative minds was displayed in the art gallery. Here the students showcased their talent in art and craft related to environment.

The event proved that environment promotes curiosity, self-confidence and creative thinking.

All in all it was an enriching experience for everyone involved.

A special assembly on the importance of physical education was held on 13th July, 2018 by the Pre Primary wing. The tiny tots were dressed in white and blue. The assembly started with a prayer, rhymes and continued with exercises. The awareness of being fit and healthy was shared with the students. The physical education instructor planned exercises which are helpful to develop the gross motor skills. The main attraction of the assembly was aerobics. The students enjoyed the aerobics session along with their teachers. Winners of the Olympic fun games in spirit week were declared and medals were given away by the Principal. The atmosphere was energetic and enthusiastic till the end.

The Spirit Week was organised in Preprimary segment from 25th to 29th of June 2018. Activities such as Fun Games, Career Day, Unity in Diversity and Fresher’s Day were held throughout the week. Fresher’s Day was the main attraction of the week as the old DSE tiny tots welcomed the new Deesians who have joined the family this year. The week served to be a holistic, spiritual, colourful and informative one for the little ones. The students participated in fun games such as running race, cat in a hat, teddy running and many more. The students played the role of a doctor, teacher, lawyer, police officers, naval officers, IAS officers and also the popular actors. The knowledge about different professions was explained to the kids .The Spirit Week proved to be a spirited experience for the teachers and the students alike.

Career Day

Cat on a Hat

Olympic Funday

Unity in Diversity

The School organized a splash pool party for the students of Pre-Primary on 6th April, 2018. The little ones put their swim suits on and enjoyed the splash activity to beat the heat of scorching sun. The students jumped and frolicked in the water. The tiny tots played with pool toys and enjoyed the rain dance. They splashed water at each other. The rocking music made the environment more delightful. They relished different juices and seasonal fruits like watermelon, mango, strawberry etc.

The teachers explained the importance of fruits in the diet for mental and physical growth. The event was enjoyed by the students and teachers alike, as it was a rejuvenating experience from the routine and a kick start for everyone to enjoy summer vacation with new zeal.

The Pre-Primary wing started its new academic year on 21st March, 2018. The tiny tots entered the campus with lot of anxiety and fear in their minds, but the joyful and lively atmosphere at DSE-PP, filled their hearts with enthusiasm and happiness. The children were engaged in various fun activities like dance, outdoor games, colouring and clay moulding. The day began with circle time, in which the children were made to participate in storytelling, rhymes and exercises. It was an interactive session which the children enjoyed a lot. A few ‘take home activities’ were given to the children, as a remembrance of their first day at school.

Video Gallery

Independence Day Celebrations
Farm Day by PP-I Students
Eid Celebrations
Pre Math Concepts
Opposites by PP-II Students
Ordinal Numbers by PP- II Students
Members of the Family
Phonetics – Classroom Activity


The new psychology of learning incorporates the idea of making learning a fun – filled activity. A typical day at DSE for Pre Primary students would incorporate the following elements:-

Welcome Time…. Arriving for school on time is extremely important for children even at this young age! Being on time allows the children to have a pleasant transition from home to school environment, easing them in gently.

Assembly Time… Each beautiful day unfolds with the morning assembly. Besides praying, it inculcates a sense of punctuality and discipline.

Circle Time… Circle Time is where exciting group work takes place, discussing the calendar in English, to begin with. It’s followed by discussions, fun learning activities about the chosen letter and then progresses onto phonetics, rhymes and stories. Alpha Buddies is the time when children read or write about the concept under study. Stories, group discussions, group activities and demonstrations are some techniques used by the facilitator to stimulate the children. The facilitator works with individual children or in small groups. Most of the concepts in Nursery are dealt with orally while in PP1 and PPII, eye – hand coordination is developed through written work, colouring and craft work.

Theme Time… To increase awareness of the physical and social surroundings, a theme room is set up were students are enabled to discovered and learn more. Discussions, art work, poems and stories, worksheets related to the theme are done as follow up.

Munch Time…. Recess allows the children the opportunity to develop social and conversational skills by interacting with each other, sharing physical space and also a healthy snack.

Play Time… Children play outside during this hour. It is an ideal outlet for all the extra energy they have. Games help them to develop balance, posture, locomotion and strength. Play time also encourages imaginative role-play and allows interaction with their peers while developing their gross motor skills.

Number Time… Contrary to the belief, there isn’t a math gene that makes some kids more successful in the subject. Kids who are more successful in this area are those who practice the skills more often. Activities related to recognition, grouping and other pre math concepts help develop concentration, counting skill and involves fine motor development.

Happy Meal… Not only it is a time to sit and enjoy balanced and nutritious meal but also to dine with peers and learn table manners and etiquettes.

Happy Time … Exploration discovers latent talent. Activities such as singing, dancing, drawing and clay moulding create a sense of well being among children. Exercise your vocal chord; tap your feet or paint the world around- it’s all fun! We believe in ‘Catching them young’.

Bhasha Mala… A second language is introduced at the PPII level and most of the activities are verbal. Stories and rhymes are an integral part of it. PPII students start with learning to write alphabets.

Tale Time/Movie Time… This is time for delightful learning and various activities are scheduled on different days to have a wide spectrum of experiences and thereby enhance motor and thinking skills.

Reflection Time… Just before they pack their bags and say goodbye a quick reflection on what they have done during the day is done.

Sweets Good Byes…