Principal’s Desk

Attapur Principal

Mr Augustine Thomas

DSE in the past years experienced numerous positive outcomes which were fruitful and commendable due to the enriching guidance of our Management, the efforts of our teachers and the support of our parents and well wishers. Our hard work has been quite worthy as our First Batch of Grade X students secured 100% results in the CBSE Examination, 2014-15. A new year always ushers a sense of renewal – a renewal of purpose and collective commitment to excel in teaching and learning. Our teachers are enthused by the exciting initiatives which are in the pipeline, for the academic year 2018-19, to meet the academic needs of our students. We focus on instilling a strong value system among our students and train them into being the 'creators' of tomorrow. We thank our Management for being the trend setters in providing an enhanced ambience for quality education.

This year, you can look forward to encountering a highly intensive and challenging programme. I am confident that our students will have the capacity and ability to meet the expectations and the demands of the world outside. Our goal is to ensure that our students become critical thinkers, active problem-solvers, inquisitive readers and prolific writers.

I look forward to working with you, forging ahead with renewed vigor to achieve our strategic objectives. I thank you for being a part of DSE where WE NEVER DREAM OF SUCCESS BUT WE WORK FOR IT……. We are truly on the path to EXCELLENCE!

Delhi School of Excellence - Attapur