Principal's Desk

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

The above famous quote by Billy Ocean holds true in the current scenario, which the world is facing at present. The covid-19 pandemic has brought a set of challenges that the education system has never faced before. While changes are inevitable; how we overcome these challenges and strengthen our pedagogy from being better to the best, is of paramount significance.

We, as a School planned and made a strategy of what would be the best for our students. It is a challenge for parents and the teachers to engage students meaningfully as social media and digital technology often distract them, which is also a progeny of change.

The first change was that our teachers welcomed the technology and embraced new methods to conduct online classes. In spite of the connectivity issues and other technical problems in adopting the technology, they have done an amazing job. It is true that the pandemic gave them an opportunity to explore the other side of responding to the students, that is, facing them live on the camera. In this regard, the teachers need to be applauded for the smooth functioning of online classes.

We have also successfully conducted virtual Inter House Competitions for the character development of our students. We also feel proud to announce that our students have participated in many Inter School Competitions and brought home laurels. The pandemic has not stopped our students to explore themselves through virtual Art, Dance and Music classes.

At DSE, we always work towards instilling values of leadership, empathy and courage with the intent to see them grow into responsible citizens.  Keeping this in mind, webinars were organised for our students to broaden their skills as well as their understanding of their field of interest. Teachers also attended many webinars to hone their teaching skills and techniques.

I wholeheartedly appreciate our students, teachers, staff and administrators for their positivity and pliability during these challenging times.

Abraham Lincoln once said “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” So together,  let’s create a bright future for our students.

Mr. Augustine Thomas
DSE Attapur