Student Corner

Children are universally seen as being pretty creative. If we can regain their open wonder and talent, we will be able to bring their wonderful ideas into the world.

DSE nurtures some space for the students to project their creative skills and we believe that the greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.

Hence, teachers discover the talents of the students and encourage them to express their innate feelings in the form of essays, articles and art work.

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It was a very beautiful morning and also a very special day for me. I was going to join the DSE family that day. I got up early in the morning and was so excited. My excitement knew no bounds. There was fear, apprehension, elation, thrill and what not. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. I was experiencing a pattern of emotions. The euphoria cannot be elucidated always. The trepidation of making new friends, their reaction to my extended friendly hand, their inhibitions, teacher’s reaction and the expectations from me . . .all these occupied, I believe both my left and right side of the brain. I dressed up neatly and waited for the bus to arrive. I could hear my heart pounding.

When I entered the bus, everyone was staring at me as if they saw an alien. I sat beside a boy. He asked me if I was new and I nodded. I continued “My name is Sahaj, what about you?” He replied that his name was Abhishek. When the bus stopped, we left in different directions. I entered the classroom and saw that the class has already begun. Much to my surprise and luck my new acquaintance in the bus was in the same class.

My class teacher asked my name and I told her that it was Sahaj. And as if luck had it again, she made me sit next to Abhishek.

We both shared glances of recognition and the day went on quite smoothly. Every passing minute gave me a surety that my decision to join DSE was the right one. I loved every moment of it and didn’t want the good moments to end. At the end of the day when I met my father, I was eager to share the reminiscence of my beautiful day at school.

Today after four years into my stay at DSE, I feel proud and jump to any opportunity to make the new comers feel at ease and do not stop chatting away to glory- my first day at DSE!



Ananth was a good, well-behaved man who belonged to a middle-class family. One day, while he was waiting for his bus at the stop, he met his school friend Jayanth after over 23 years. Jayanth was a man who was very arrogant. He was proud of his wealth and properties and loved blowing his own horn. He belonged to the most affluent family in that village. He deliberately boasted vociferously regarding his property so that everybody could hear and envy him.

Once he said loud enough, "I have just withdrawn one lakh from my account. All are pure white cash!" His friend Ananth said, "Shut up! Why are you shouting about your money here? What if someone comes and steals your money?" Jayanth started arguing with Ananth. At that time, a stranger enquired about an address which Jayanth could not figure out. While he was trying to recall if it was an address he knew, the stranger stealthily extended his hand and snatched away the pouch of money from Jayanth. Startled and distressed at his fate, Jayanth started weeping. Ananth too was aghast at the sudden turn of events. He bit his tongue for having said that but quickly regained from his shock and asked Jayanth not to spend time weeping instead rush to the police station.
The police investigated and finally tracked the culprit after a few days. The culprit was put in jail. Jayanth realized his mistake and became humble and careful. Not only did he never boast, but he was also careful not to hurt others with his words.



Most of the students misuse modern technology which was meant to be used for gaining a better quality of knowledge, but instead of it students used it to play games and eventually get addicted to it. There are many harmful effects of playing computer games. Children get addicted to games and totally stop their physical activities which are really important at this age. This affects their eyes and health, they start getting irritated for small things, they start neglecting studies and finally they seem lost.

To avoid this, a strict time table must be made and followed, and parents must keep monitoring them. Everything should be given a time limit, and co-curricular activities also must be given equal importance, so that there is an overall improvement.
Children must realize that there is a world outside the computer and they should learn how to manage time so that they become a responsible citizen in the future.



It is education that differentiates a man from an animal. In other words, we can say that a man without education is no more than animals. Education brings perfection in a man’s life. Hence, it is necessary to educate one and all. The world today is full of competition. Only a man with a good education can face these competitions. But it is unfortunate that thousands of small children remain deprived of even basic education. These children should get at least basic education. Only then we can bring overall progress in our country. To uproot poverty, education is the only solution. Therefore, education for all is essential. It is the sole solution for every problem. Awareness should spread over in the country to set up education for all.



The proverb 'Time is Money' tells us that we should use time properly and respect it more than the money we have. This proverb was used by the great author 'Benjamin Franklin' in his famous book 'Advice to the Young Tradesmen'. Time refers to unstoppable things which run continuously and never wait for anyone. Neither time can be purchased nor can it be stored.

The time has so much power that it can change a human being's life. It can also change a powerful rich man to a poor man and a poor man to a rich man.

The famous proverb 'Time is Money' relates to a common proverb 'Time and Tide Waits for None'. This proverb tells us that time never waits for anyone.

The famous story of ant and the grasshopper is a good example for the proverb 'Time is Money'. In this story, the ant spends its summer in collecting food whereas the grass hopper wasted the whole summer in playing. When winter came, ants were contented because they were having plenty of food to eat. But the grass hopper was sad and suffered hunger because he did not have enough food to eat. This was because the ant was aware of the importance of time but the grass hopper was not.

To end with, we can say that ‘Time is Money and Time is Priceless. If we use time in a proper manner, nobody can defeat us at any stage of our life.

Tanmay, VI B


During my summer vacation, my family decided to hang out somewhere! Immediately, my brother yelled, "Manali!". My sister scowled at my brother and shouted, "Kerala!". My grandpa suggested Dandeli. He had heard that it was a very beautiful wildlife sanctuary.

So finally, we decided to go to Dandeli. The tour guide took us for river rafting. He told us that there were crocodiles in the river. I got scared when I heard this. After the rafting, we stopped at a rocky place and had a lot of fun.

Then, we went for JUNGLE SAFARI. During the safari, the guide showed us the places where early humans used to live. The tour guide also taught us how to survive in a jungle. We saw wolves, wild cats, and deer which were amazing. I loved the trip as it taught us how to survive in a jungle. We all had a good FAMILY TIME together!

Aamina, V


People place me on the wall 24/7? Has anyone taken pity on me? But, I understand one thing… your feelings, when you hear "tick-tock"… which is a pretty annoying noise all through.

Well, what may be, I'm the most important element in everyone's day to day life.

My history dates back to 725 AD when my ancestor was invented and he made quite a huge revolution.
Later, my grandfather, a tall and hefty clock who made so much of noise every hour.

I was born in a small town in Italy. A trader took interest in me and bought me for a huge sum. Later, I was bought by a young lad and he put me on a bright green wall in his house. I loved that place. It was very interesting to see that handsome young fellow frantically keep looking at me to check the position of my arms and dart out of the house. He must have been running late for work!

A few months later, a pretty girl married my owner and one year later, the house was filled with little humans.

Everyone seemed to be so eager to look at me early in the morning. The lady used to look at me first in the morning and run to the kitchen and cook to feed the rest of the family.

I was left alone for most part of the day.

Life went on and on and one day, I guess the family didn’t like me anymore. They sold me off to a teacher.

Next thing I knew, I was put in a classroom full of tiny humans who made as much noise as a fish market filled with angry furious people.

When my small arm was at 9 and my long arm at 10, a bell was rung and all the kids would sit quietly in their places, awaiting their teacher. Every time my long arm completed one turn, the bell would ring.

My life doesn't seem that interesting after all. I kept on going and ticking and letting people look at me at random timings and always wanted to tell them this. “Remember! Don’t watch the clock. Manage your TIME well and keep going.”

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My favourite teacher is Renuka ma’am. She is very polite with us even while scolding and Nameerawe feel bad for annoying her. We always complete her work first.  We enjoy her class. She teaches us Hindi with lot of passion and gives stars in the notebooks for good handwriting.

Nameera, Grade VII A

VibhutiAyesha ma’am is my favourite Science teacher. She is very soft spoken but stern and makes sure the concepts are clear for us. She helps me when need arises and teaches in a creative way.

Vibhuti, Grade VII A

My favourite teacher is Lakshmi Ma’am. She taught us English for some time. She is aMary Hasini good listener, soft spoken but firm when needed. While teaching, she also teaches moral values.

Mary Hasini, Grade VII C

My favourite teacher is our Physical Education Teacher, Sudhakar sir. He is very humorous and creates new games for us. When we lose a game, he convinces us not to lose heart. ANUSHTHA CHOUDHARYHe plays along with us and makes it very interesting.

Anushtha, Grade IX A