As a concerned Parent, I was particular about the school, I would like my son to join and learn. A school is a place, where the kids spend, maximum time and learn new things which help them grow mentally, physically, emotionally and as a human being to excel in many aspects of life.

One thing, which I was more concerned is the learning tools used in the school to teach a child. There are in total 7 different types of learning methods for a child, the prime methods are – Auditory teachings- kids learn by listening, visualized teaching- children learn by looking, Kinetic teaching- children learn by doing things. All children do not possess the same learning habits. I prayed for a school, which took care of all these things and overall development of a child. When I was searching and analyzing many schools, many of my friends, teased me that, I was in search for a school, not a bride for my son. I knew that, a school is very important for the development of a child.

To my wonder and answer to my Prayers, I found out, about Delhi school of Excellence, Attapur Branch.

I joined my son, S. Jeevesh, in this school, in Grade 7, which is 9 years back. Till this date, the school has delivered, more than promised. The children get individual attention. Each lesson is taught in different methods, so each child grasps the concepts clearly and can use it in his life. All the tools like video tools, audio tools, the teacher explains in the class and the children have projects to understand the concepts in a step by step way. The Academics, Sports and the extracurricular activities are given equal importance, so the child’s all round development is taken care of. Even the timetable is planned in such a way that, the kids look forward to go to school daily.

They have a Fantastic Principal, who leads the most efficient staff members. The teachers, are always there to clear our doubts and the guide, the Guru to our kids. The school has a counselling service to parents and kids, in case, we need a third party understanding of things.

Overall, I am very happy, for our decision to join our son, in Delhi school of excellence, and my son is a happy child who loves his school.