The Jungle Book What I see myself as... Haven O Fairies Cultural Carnival
Pantomime Nukkad Natak-Social Issues Umang Investiture Ceremony
Weaving a Story with Props Shodh 2017 Hasta La Vista 2016-17 Milan-Overall Trophy Distribution
Josh-Zeal for Sports 68th Republic Day Osmosis-Academic Fair Sept La Magie: 2016-17
Solo Dance Competition A Friendly Chat with Veterinary Doctor Declamation Competition A Chat with Seismologist
Story Telling Competition Recitation Competition Students' Experiences Practice Sessions
Leading From Front-Investiture Ceremony 2016-17 Cheering the Leaders Teachers Day-Primary Teachers Day- Pre Primary
Graduation Day Udaan - Sports Day 15-16 Next Education Green Next Programme Assembly on Time
Nukkad Natak Competition 15-16 Annual Day 2014-15 Nukkad Natak Competition 14-15 Samanvay 2013-2014